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Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy October!

I haven’t actually written in this online journal in quite a while. I’ve needed to do so for months, MONTHS I tell you.  So many things that I’ve wanted to share and express, I think it’s time for me to do so right now.

I just got a membership to a gym. I’m beyond excited. I’m 22-26 pounds down, and I’m ready to up the ante. The only other commercial thing I’ve done is the “Curves” circuit, and while I enjoyed doing it, it did absolutely nothing for me to help me lose weight.  That’s OK though, again, it was a learning curve.  We all learn from our past, or at least we should. I have found that I am more open, spiritually, and that I can feel the Universe flowing through me more readily. I’ve had some very lucky events,

Here’s something I found online that I loved:
“I totally feel like an outsider in there (commercial gym), as I’m doing things differently than anybody around me.

You know what?


I look at each day in the gym as a battle that I need to win.” ~ Steve Kamb

You know what Steve? I’m stealing that, and it’s my new motto, thanks for the inspiration dude (you look great by the way!)!

Next, last night I was walking the dogs, I loved how dark it already was, the wind was blowing, the lunation was at first quarter and it was loving falling down upon the newly time Autumnal equinox (Mabon). Someone in the park had a roaring fire going, and I could smell the season.  

This time of year always encourages me to further my one with all that makes me happy. Family, friends, earth, gathering, crafting, meditation, Healing and sharing, these are all things that make me feel contentment. In each of those, there are small and important things that intensify this contentment. For instance, hand sewing (which also reminds me of Wanda's magical house!) brings me to a meditation that is very rewarding. I can instill deep seeded Intentions, along with Healing, protection and many other facets of my belief system.

I’ve also been thinking a LOT about the people I have met, how I’ve met them, the odds of actually meeting them (in this vast world of SO MANY PEOPLE), how it has impacted me and how things could potentially be without them in my lives.

Example:  Bad weather had my flight cancelled while stuck on a business in Tucson, Arizona. It had been a fabulous trip already, but I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get home.  Then, I met someone else in the same predicament. He was there for sad reasons, but he was stuck there as well. So chances of meeting a new friend (now on Facebook) with whom I instantly clicked with to create a friendship bond, those odds are pretty astronomical. Most people just gripe and complain, we had fun waiting being shuttled on a “bus” to Phoenix, then waiting yet again for another three or four cancelled flights.  I can’t imagine my life now without seeing his posts! He’s ingrained into my life forever. *wave to Trevor*

He’s just one example .. there are MANY.. I need to sit and type them out.

So, life is grand.. RV living is lovely, and I’m surrounded by friends and family. 

Blessings <3 Moo