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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sharing Time

You know, it's great when you get to share time with others. There are no intentions involved, just sharing time and laughter with others. I got to do that, twice this weekend.

First, on Saturday, I got to go to my parent's house. Spending time with them is always so much fun. While I was out there, I cut wood. There was a reason, and I'll share that in a bit. I enjoy going into their "shop" and using their power tools. So, I scoured their 2 acres and found the perfect limbs, and made them into buttons, or hag wood (later termed by Teresa), they could be made into runes, it didn't matter. I cut them for our outing today.

My mother made delicious beef and noodles and we talked and laughed and looked through Pinterest. It was so nice.

Then, I came home, and watched movies in my craft/media room while I did crafts. But, I had to go to bed early, as I was excited about today.

Through the selfishness, ego influenced, cruel, self-centered, immature actions of one person, I have met some of the most amazing people. These people have shown me the real them and I love their inner beings. I love their smiles and their laughter. I love their kindness and their hearts. I love how selfless they are and the spunk in their personalities. I also love the fact that they might have at first listened to her lies (and believe me they are the most ridiculous lies that just build and build and BUILD) but they met me and they figured out the truth.

First thing we did (And I wish we would have gotten more photos!) I met new people!!! We met at Waffle house and I ordered a waffle (duh) and some bacon (NOM!). We did a lot of talking and some baby cooing! I met Brooke, her husband Charlie, and their ABSOLUTELY adorable baby Sydnie Rae!

So here is Pat hoggin' the baby lovin' (heheheheeh):

Look at that look! hehehe Sydnie Rae and Pat

So, we we looking for fossils and hag stones. So much fun!

Ladies doing some gathering of fossils and hag stones.

It was seriously SO hot out.. I know I got sunburned. We found some amazing things!

Annette and Pat (Please notice the beautiful hag stone around Pat's neck, she found that at this same place at during a prior visit).
Pat drinking the "Purple Kool-Aid".
Teresa about to consume the "Purple Kool-aid".
Lisa G and Penny laughing and enjoy the shade and the day! Look at those smiles! Killer!
It was really super hot! We needed a rest! Here is Donna, Lisa O and Lisa G enjoying each other's company.
We missed Micky, Kat, Bren, Robyn and Michelle. All either lived too far away, didn't feel well or had prior plans. HOWEVER, they were VERY much a part of this outing and we love and missed them! 

So might I add here, anything that you have heard about these ladies, especially from this very UNRELIABLE source, you might want to sit down maturely and ask them for yourself. They are nothing of what this horrible person portrays. You would be doing yourself a grave disservice if you didn't find out for yourself, because chances are, you will be next in her path of lies. She destroys lives and she doesn't give a shit if she does so. She's about to destroy her own husband's life with her lies because she doesn't know how to have a relationship, a friendship or otherwise. 

So, her loss is MY gain. Neener neener. 

My finds! ( I found a lot, but I won't post them ALL here, just my top five!) and maybe some more in a few!

I'm excited to make this hag stone into a necklace myself!

I realize this doesn't look like it goes all the way through but it does, there was a pebble and sand caught in the middle. Nothing a little prodding Moo couldn't fix ;)

This was exciting to find! It's like my eyes just went right to it!  I will be making this into a necklace as well! Is it a tail? A spine? 

This was part of a shell, but it's the glorious pearly part. Love!

Also part of a shell, the pearly part. 
I seriously can't wait to go back (when it is much cooler. I could spend HOURS out there. 

My weekend in a nutshell! FABULOUS! Consider me blessed! 

And here is ONE photo for that one that makes everyone's life miserable (her name credited in the caption):

Ladean Snodgrass

<3 Moo

Monday, August 12, 2013

Making Tinctures

I just started a Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Mint tincture.

When it's finished, I will advise. I have about ten other recipes I want to try. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.

Any other tincture makers out there? Have any favorite recipes? What do you use your tinctures for?

I'm dyin' to hear about them!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The More I'm aware, the More you Don't Matter.

It seems, every now and then, someone feels left out, or not the center of attention enough.

In a way, it's not true, but I'd rather have my integrity than be that one that everyone is talking about, especially in a very bad light.

You thought you had complete control over everyone. You didn't. While on your page you kept telling people to defriend you (or them-Funny, have most of the now approximately 65 mutual friends we share defriended you or me? not hardly) some of us maturely and albeit (<-- do you know what that word means?) nervously took the time to contact each other. We should have done this a very long time ago.

You see, you had a knack for lying to those surrounding you. SO, while I was asked to accept the "friendship" of your fraud page, I was able to read what was posted. Wow, it was so true. Some I wasn't aware of but it didn't surprise me. (funny how I was then blocked from the page before it came down.. funny how that works but that information for another time).

What you have to remember, there are saved emails, texts, screen shots of posts before they were taken down, you can't remember everything everywhere. How could you possibly remember what you've told EVERYONE you tried to impress, use or truthfully, come into contact with. You can't.

So, you told one person one thing about someone or a situation, and then turned around and told someone else an entirely different story. I think you don't know which lies that you need to remember. That is the definition of a compulsive liar. Like how that title feels on you?

So, against, I'm sure, your wishes and controlling desires, I reconnected with Mickey!

Mickey, sporting her "purple spoon" ... yeah... we remember that story.

Look how beautiful she is! You loved demeaning her (as you did with me) and well, it didn't work. She's not the horrible things you said about her, regardless if your minions (with their noses so far up your ass) disagree, she is the BIGGEST heart! She's doing SO much better without you. Seriously, she's happy, she's got a lot going on and it's all good. She works for a living (do you remember what that is?) and she is very happy with her family. She's smart, talented and gifted. She waited a very long time to talk to me after you used her, abused her, lied about her and then tossed her aside. You pitted her against a good friend (so you, you are very talented at that, I'm sure that falls into the Love and Light category, in Liarsland maybe). But she sent me a very sweet email and we reconnected. Why? Because I didn't hate on her. You did. (one of many bridges burned). 

So, then, not too long ago, I posted this and I just couldn't understand. How could these women hate me? Well, they didn't. YOU and your ways felt the need to pit them against me (along with everyone else that might know me, also positive and loving of you~NOT!)

So arrangements were made and I met four NEW ladies that I had posted about in the link above. HOLY MOLY was *I* ever wrong in that post. I can admit it. I don't try to push the blame on everyone else. These ladies are amazing. One person is trying to tear them down, but that is only because the truth is spreading like wildfire. She's calling it lies and what motive could she possibly have. HAHHH seriously? SERIOUSLY? 

Bren and Lisa relaxing and laughing, getting to know others that have suffered the wrath. 

So, here are two of the four ladies I got to meet. These ladies are fabulous. They were allowed to laugh and be themselves. It wasn't all about one person, it was about each of us. Why? We are confident beautiful, talented ladies. *shakes her head* You aren't that amazing or important. These ladies, they are. You have called them names (funny, most reflect your own actions, not theirs) and would take away the conversation from them to have it on yourself. Narcissism much (and yes, you do, in case you decided to answer no)?

I caught Donna off guard, doesn't matter, she's a beautiful hoot and a half!
Then there's Donna. Now I've actually met her once, but she was kind of poisoned on me as well. Not because she's a bad person, but because she was fed enough bullshit to choke a third world country (see what I did there?). She remembered me as nice, but that was like what four years ago? We only got the opportunity to meet once, then jealousy reared its ugly head and viola, she was suckered into the obscenely disgusting lies of the all powerful, or so she thought. So, you decided to take it upon yourself to try and steal the abilities, gifts and talents of this bright shining star. Because your insides are dull and lackluster, so why not thoroughly lie and manipulate to try and look good. Well it didn't work/happen. Can't  make a turd into a diamond. 

Here I am, Moo, feeding Teresa the "Purple Kool-aid".
The purple kool-aid, let's face it, we've all had it. She'd have killed us all off if it were legal.

She was such an eager purple Kool-aid consumer. 

But then I met Teresa. You have lied so much about her, to me and others. I can remember the first thing you told me about her, and I have this in public. You can lie all you want saying you didn't say it, but I actually have it in an email so, you might want to watch how you get out of this lie. You told me, the only reason you liked hooking up with Teresa, was because her husband had money. Well, that would make sense. All you've ever wanted since I've known you is fame and wealth. Does that make you metaphysically whole or conniving, misrepresenting everything you attempt to do (with your no talent). 

Much better photo of Teresa, gorgeous and sweet!

Here's a much better picture of her, she has her purple spoon in her hair. She's talking to Donna here, and didn't know I was taking photos. She was so nice. She, whom I was probably the most afraid of (from the HORRIBLE lies you told about her!) was so very sweet! She's talented (loved her jewelry) and comical. How easily you played everyone against each other. How hard you worked to lie and manipulate. Such a control freak. That actually goes against anything that Empathy stands for, sorry, you lose.  People that are believing your lies now, should simply ask others, or ask around, they'd be surprised. We were all once your minions.

Not the cute kind like this:

Cute minions from the movies

But more like this:

Your minions until they break away from your horrible evil "Love and Light stab you in the eye when you are down and out" spell. Just. Sayin'.
Every time you demand people disconnect with others, it should prove your guilt. 

Just thought maybe you'd like to know, that I've met SEVERAL others that you tried to keep me away from. Maybe you and your BFF (sorry, but you treated her like shit several times as well, use her, say horrible things about her and her .... husband (and his legal issues) ) and yet you try to say how wonderful she is and how she's always there for you. Two peas in a pod I say. Neither of you could possibly be happy but keep trying. You'll have to live in another country to get away from all of the crap you started here. 

Well, that's not all of it, but it feels like I've written for AGES. Doesn't feel good to see all this for the world to see. The only thing I didn't do was name you. I can at any time, because I have nothing to hide. I have no skeletons in my closet. If people ask about something I tell them. I don't lie and try to make myself look perfect. I'm not. Never have been, never will be. BUT I AM TRUTHFUL. That is something you know nothing about. 

These five ladies made me happy. They set anything you lied to them about aside, and they got to know the real me. I am beyond grateful, humbled and happy. These ladies, Mickey, Brenda, Lisa, Teresa and Donna are all amazing ladies. Like true "sisters". Not the kind you "lie and say you've Healed their cancer, but then they kick you out of their house kind" but true soul kindred spirits. 

Now before you assume (because you are FAMOUS for that, seriously, you need to work on that) that you know how and where and when, you don't. There are people that were NOT involved and you'd BETTER not act like a twat and treat them unkindly. You do that. As soon as you suspect or your "Spirit Guides" tell you in a vision during meditation (I call bullshit), then you start flinging poo like a rabid monkey on acid. STOP. For once, if you want to hate us six girls, fine and 'effin' dandy, but don't go blaming people you "THINK" is involved. You don't know shit. 

PS, so, I'm curious, still exchanging pictures with Christopher of his.. well.. you know.. while you are playing scrabble? Just curious...

Anyway, in your "moving on" speech, you might want to take your own lying advice. I'm sure sorry for your followers that hang on your every word. It won't be long before you kick them to the curb as well. 

Anyway, I don't need you. None of us do. THANK HEAVENS. It is a wonderful and lifting weight off our shoulders without having to deal with you. 

To the ladies in this post.. LOVE YA, so glad I've found ya!!

<3 Moo

Oh the Irony..

OH and hypocrisy..

I'm quite amused. Half of the people that could post this photo, could be talking out of their ass. The other half most likely know, or know about the half that is guilty of "Fake".
Let me give you a little suggestion. Power is in numbers, and your numbers are dwindling, mine however, over the last three years since all of your fake and lies, has at LEAST quadrupled.
While you are insisting people defriend you or other offenders (what seems EVERY single month), you keep throwing people aside and away, and you are losing integrity, stability, respect (by the second) and your list is long.
So posting a photo with puppies and kitties, "pretending" to be an animal communicator (which you aren't, how did your outside unfixed/unimmunized cat die again?) and calling everyone else fake (laughing), I hope you soon realize how ridiculous you make yourself look.
Why don't you try and blame me (yet again) for trying to stir things up. While I haven't, because I have never ever contacted you once (even though you emailed me once, and texted me "Happy Thanksgiving" once). I never pined over you, I never asked you if I was pretty every day, you didn't leave me mail in my mailbox hoping I'd contact you (by the way, that is illegal, among the many other things you are doing and have done).
I think that's what bugs you the most. I don't need you, nor do I need your lies. You use people then you make yourself into the victim. MAN ALIVE you've done that SO many times over the last three years. Oh pitiful you. POOR you.
Let me give you a little insight. Facebook does not look up IP addresses. I am meeting people ALL of the time that you lied to about me. They are finding out the real me. It pisses them off. You might think you know who, but I bet you don't. I bet your fake psychic-ness fails you. I bet your fake mediation fails you as well.
You post how negative everyone else is, well, you insist on stirring the pot when things slow down and you aren't center of attention any longer. OMG... people aren't stupid. If they are kind you take advantage of that. You preach  your love and light and nameste and yadda.. only lies and jealously seeps from your pores. That is a sad state of affairs. I don't live my life like that, THANK HEAVENS. That much better without you.
Since you've been gone, things are so wonderful. Oh sure, you made sure to make everyone around you hate me. Funny thing though, after you stab them in the back, I get the chance to let them meet the real me. Your burned bridges list is longer than you think. What are you going to do when you are on that island all by yourself? No one to worship you.
Well we no longer do. That list of we is growing VERY quickly and every day.
Just remember, I have emails, text messages, skype messages and screen shots of the shit you did, said, etc, with others and the lies you said "oh it's just a little white lie".
Your world is spinning out of control more so than ever, and it's off balance.
Ours however, is sturdy, structured and your empty threats are meaningless.
Have a GREAT DAY, negative/positive fake :)
<3 Moo