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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Oh the Irony..

OH and hypocrisy..

I'm quite amused. Half of the people that could post this photo, could be talking out of their ass. The other half most likely know, or know about the half that is guilty of "Fake".
Let me give you a little suggestion. Power is in numbers, and your numbers are dwindling, mine however, over the last three years since all of your fake and lies, has at LEAST quadrupled.
While you are insisting people defriend you or other offenders (what seems EVERY single month), you keep throwing people aside and away, and you are losing integrity, stability, respect (by the second) and your list is long.
So posting a photo with puppies and kitties, "pretending" to be an animal communicator (which you aren't, how did your outside unfixed/unimmunized cat die again?) and calling everyone else fake (laughing), I hope you soon realize how ridiculous you make yourself look.
Why don't you try and blame me (yet again) for trying to stir things up. While I haven't, because I have never ever contacted you once (even though you emailed me once, and texted me "Happy Thanksgiving" once). I never pined over you, I never asked you if I was pretty every day, you didn't leave me mail in my mailbox hoping I'd contact you (by the way, that is illegal, among the many other things you are doing and have done).
I think that's what bugs you the most. I don't need you, nor do I need your lies. You use people then you make yourself into the victim. MAN ALIVE you've done that SO many times over the last three years. Oh pitiful you. POOR you.
Let me give you a little insight. Facebook does not look up IP addresses. I am meeting people ALL of the time that you lied to about me. They are finding out the real me. It pisses them off. You might think you know who, but I bet you don't. I bet your fake psychic-ness fails you. I bet your fake mediation fails you as well.
You post how negative everyone else is, well, you insist on stirring the pot when things slow down and you aren't center of attention any longer. OMG... people aren't stupid. If they are kind you take advantage of that. You preach  your love and light and nameste and yadda.. only lies and jealously seeps from your pores. That is a sad state of affairs. I don't live my life like that, THANK HEAVENS. That much better without you.
Since you've been gone, things are so wonderful. Oh sure, you made sure to make everyone around you hate me. Funny thing though, after you stab them in the back, I get the chance to let them meet the real me. Your burned bridges list is longer than you think. What are you going to do when you are on that island all by yourself? No one to worship you.
Well we no longer do. That list of we is growing VERY quickly and every day.
Just remember, I have emails, text messages, skype messages and screen shots of the shit you did, said, etc, with others and the lies you said "oh it's just a little white lie".
Your world is spinning out of control more so than ever, and it's off balance.
Ours however, is sturdy, structured and your empty threats are meaningless.
Have a GREAT DAY, negative/positive fake :)
<3 Moo


  1. Oh I think it's been going on waaaaay longer than 3 years....a sociopath like that is born, not made!!!

    1. You are so right.. Excellent observation!

      I can admit I'm wrong. I was so wrong trying to do everything and please that woman!


  2. Replies
    1. Love you too! Sure are a loooooot of looks on this post! ;)

  3. Great post! Well written and TRUE!
    Yes, a liar will be eventually discovered. The lies will catch up, especially when there are so many that are in written form. Whew, when you see in writing what someone has been saying about others, spreading their hate and deceit, well, it's a little hard to dispute.
    Thank goodness I switched brands of purple koolaid, the old brand I was drinking turned out to be a generic knock-off copy instead of the real thing. My life is better without imitations in them.

    1. EXACTLY.. Doesn't it feel good breaking away from the ick? <3