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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sharing Time

You know, it's great when you get to share time with others. There are no intentions involved, just sharing time and laughter with others. I got to do that, twice this weekend.

First, on Saturday, I got to go to my parent's house. Spending time with them is always so much fun. While I was out there, I cut wood. There was a reason, and I'll share that in a bit. I enjoy going into their "shop" and using their power tools. So, I scoured their 2 acres and found the perfect limbs, and made them into buttons, or hag wood (later termed by Teresa), they could be made into runes, it didn't matter. I cut them for our outing today.

My mother made delicious beef and noodles and we talked and laughed and looked through Pinterest. It was so nice.

Then, I came home, and watched movies in my craft/media room while I did crafts. But, I had to go to bed early, as I was excited about today.

Through the selfishness, ego influenced, cruel, self-centered, immature actions of one person, I have met some of the most amazing people. These people have shown me the real them and I love their inner beings. I love their smiles and their laughter. I love their kindness and their hearts. I love how selfless they are and the spunk in their personalities. I also love the fact that they might have at first listened to her lies (and believe me they are the most ridiculous lies that just build and build and BUILD) but they met me and they figured out the truth.

First thing we did (And I wish we would have gotten more photos!) I met new people!!! We met at Waffle house and I ordered a waffle (duh) and some bacon (NOM!). We did a lot of talking and some baby cooing! I met Brooke, her husband Charlie, and their ABSOLUTELY adorable baby Sydnie Rae!

So here is Pat hoggin' the baby lovin' (heheheheeh):

Look at that look! hehehe Sydnie Rae and Pat

So, we we looking for fossils and hag stones. So much fun!

Ladies doing some gathering of fossils and hag stones.

It was seriously SO hot out.. I know I got sunburned. We found some amazing things!

Annette and Pat (Please notice the beautiful hag stone around Pat's neck, she found that at this same place at during a prior visit).
Pat drinking the "Purple Kool-Aid".
Teresa about to consume the "Purple Kool-aid".
Lisa G and Penny laughing and enjoy the shade and the day! Look at those smiles! Killer!
It was really super hot! We needed a rest! Here is Donna, Lisa O and Lisa G enjoying each other's company.
We missed Micky, Kat, Bren, Robyn and Michelle. All either lived too far away, didn't feel well or had prior plans. HOWEVER, they were VERY much a part of this outing and we love and missed them! 

So might I add here, anything that you have heard about these ladies, especially from this very UNRELIABLE source, you might want to sit down maturely and ask them for yourself. They are nothing of what this horrible person portrays. You would be doing yourself a grave disservice if you didn't find out for yourself, because chances are, you will be next in her path of lies. She destroys lives and she doesn't give a shit if she does so. She's about to destroy her own husband's life with her lies because she doesn't know how to have a relationship, a friendship or otherwise. 

So, her loss is MY gain. Neener neener. 

My finds! ( I found a lot, but I won't post them ALL here, just my top five!) and maybe some more in a few!

I'm excited to make this hag stone into a necklace myself!

I realize this doesn't look like it goes all the way through but it does, there was a pebble and sand caught in the middle. Nothing a little prodding Moo couldn't fix ;)

This was exciting to find! It's like my eyes just went right to it!  I will be making this into a necklace as well! Is it a tail? A spine? 

This was part of a shell, but it's the glorious pearly part. Love!

Also part of a shell, the pearly part. 
I seriously can't wait to go back (when it is much cooler. I could spend HOURS out there. 

My weekend in a nutshell! FABULOUS! Consider me blessed! 

And here is ONE photo for that one that makes everyone's life miserable (her name credited in the caption):

Ladean Snodgrass

<3 Moo


  1. Love your finds! Missed you all!

    1. You were with us in spirit beautiful Mickey!!! <3 (You can tell I am drained.. so many errors HAH!) You were missed!

  2. Had a blast! Wish you had been there for ice cream and supper. Next time we wont let you get away.

    1. I had so much fun. I can't wait to do it again when it's MUCH COOLER! PS.. it's funny.. ALL of my darks smell like sulpher now.. heheh so it smells like I've trekked through HELL now LOL ;) But not a chigger bite on me! ;)

  3. Love the blog Moo! and love you too <3 that lying pig was soooooo wrong about you, and all of us!

  4. She was absolutely wrong about all of us! Love you back!!! Her plan backfired! Muahahaha!!! <3