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Friday, June 17, 2011

AMAZING Words of Wisdom to Live By!

“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

A New Moo

Monday, June 13, 2011

Adventures in Sharing the Written Word..

What is my new fascination with writing? I believe it has always been there, I’ve always admired it quietly and rather secretly. The opportunity of picking up a book, even as a child, and reading the words was a thrill. The admiration that someone could gather certain words, put them together in coherent sentences and paragraphs, with the ability to make my mind able to picture exactly what I thought the writer was trying to say is an exhilarating feeling! Many a day dreams have been produced with the help of a well written book.

I always wonder what kind of environment certain writers work in. It’s not hard to unrealistically imagine JK Rowling sitting in a little dimly lit room made into the earth, wands and potions surrounding, giving her the inspiration for Harry Potter. Logically, if I’m not mistaken, I remember reading about her sitting in a tea shop for hours, only ordering hot water, using her own tea bag on the account she literally didn’t have two nickels to rub together.

I imagine C.S. Lewis, sitting on the moors, overlooking the beautiful waters, and scenery, using that as his inspiration for Narnia (because really, couldn’t each and every one of us imagine us enjoying spending time there). When in reality, I can only imagine he truly sat behind a large Redwood desk, hand carved, possibly with a wardrobe to the side that he could imagine an ordinary piece of furniture into a traveling machine of sorts.

Of course, even as a child, I remember reading Stephen King books, imagining him working in an old Maine house guarded by a creepy iron gate, a lighthouse or two nearby. I can see him using material from a foggy Maine evening, utilizing his phobias to create a storyline for his fan base to creep-out while reading.  Oh wait, he really does write like that in a house like that. My bad.

So, what would my ideal location/environment be for me to be inspired and write freely when the urge washed over me?  Well, it would be in a small house (of course, don’t we ALL want that?) out in the middle of nowhere, to experience the quietness and serenity needed. I would love for the room to be in a musty attic room, which is safe and cool, looking over a beautiful view whether it is the ocean, mountains or even just out in the country. Giving me the opportunity of reflecting on what appeals to my fancy, and challenges my writing skills and imagination.

Just in typing this up, and looking at these wonderful little areas of creativity, I am itching to jot down a million different things floating around my noggin.  The opportunities are endless!

A New Moo

Friday, June 10, 2011

I Am Merely Melissa...

Of course, there will never be anyone just like myself.

There will always be different versions, parallel traits, similar tendencies, but never anyone exactly matching my thoughts, expressions, feelings, soul, spirit, creativity, personality or even actions.  That can be said for each and every one of you as well.


one-of-a-kind; w/out equal

I know that everyone abuses this word, making people roll their eyes at even a glance in a comment. The word unique has become over used, just like several other words that mean, original, different, etc.  Let’s try the word unprecedented, I’m sure to some extent that word is also over used, but far less by myself, and possibly others.  It has its own meaning yet generalizes that of original.

Ever since I was a child, I had the tendency to feel out of place. Look at that as you will, I am sure a lot of children felt that way. Forever I was told I have an old soul and at that young, I never understood what they meant. I do know that I could watch a person, pick up on their sadness and then I felt sad too. I cried easily at movies, I took things extremely personal (wasn’t everyone supposed to take things personally?) and told a lot that I was such a girl and a crybaby. Well, I was a girl, and I did cry, just as every child, regardless of the gender or age should do when their emotions trigger their “feel bad”.

If you ask me if even boys should have cried, well hell yes, they have feelings don’t they? If they are standing amongst their friends and someone says something hurtful, do you think they should just take it? Leave it bottled up inside, telling themselves over and over again how stupid, ugly, fat, thin, poor, etc they are? Why is it that our society feels that boys should never express what they are feeling? Do you not believe this makes them dysfunctional on several different levels? Men that tell their sons to “toughen up and deal with it” have issues of their own.

This works with girls as well. Telling a girl she can not do something a boy would do (that’s a man’s job) is just plain ridiculous. I get the whole upper strength situations on some careers, but on a broad aspect of options, girls really can do nearly everything a boy can. Why must society say that if we are girls aren’t playing with dolls or wearing dresses, we aren’t acting in a socially acceptable manner? How is that entire realm of demographic profiling even considered morally and spiritually acceptable?

I will be the very first to admit, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I have never denied that. Some days are easier than others. Each and every day brings (to all of us to one degree or another) our own tolerances in haters, abusers, levels of friendship, our definition of stupidity; that list could never be verbalized upon one write up, it would take days, weeks, years to name all of those things we measure, either trying to level them out or accept it and move on.

I will also acknowledge the fact that my feelings do get hurt easily. If you are blessed with the ability to let things roll off your should and slough it off, be thankful; I work every day of my adult life trying to NOT feel the domino effect of another’s words/actions in my life. I recognize this flaw, and have come (believe it or not) a very long way from where I started out, yes, even on social networks. I am going to say, 11 years ago, being on(that version of so) social network meant, Telnet chat sites,  Live Journal, Citizen X, etc.

I can easily have a disagreement with someone, as long as there is some common courtesy and a tad bit of empathy that is displayed on both sides.  If anyone feels they must express forceful words, intimidating actions/reactions or loud stern scolding, results in something other than disagreeing, technically it is then an argument.  I do not do well with confrontation; I never have, and most likely never will. I struggle in hurting the feelings of others, even when I might be trying to explain, protect or defend myself.  My entire being can not function in that manner.  Some people understand that in me, some people do not, nor do they care to. Showing any form of humility, suggests weakness to them, when for me it is a very emotionally sad feeling.  

Clearly, I am not perfect, as no one else around me that I love and adore is either.  When stating this very obvious fact, I am not proclaiming to be broken, merely hardwired differently. I am not flawed, but neither are you.

When I am your friend, I want you to feel you can come to me with problems or needs. I want to be remembered as an individual whose heart was true, always trying to find justice and/or acceptance for everyone I encounter. I do have my selfish needs, I worry about people that don’t want or maybe even need that burden (I’m working on this).  I am able love in a way that some people can’t handle, feel awkward with, would rather ridicule instead of understand or accept.  I enjoy making and seeing people smile, laugh or feel happiness.  I love being goofy, and I do own my fair share of snarkiness that doesn’t always settle well with people. I am not weak, but I do possess certain weakness, although, who made the determination on what is weakness and what is an attribute? Did our society today fall off the wrong side of the wall, persecuting what could potentially be what the intentions of this planet were founded on?

  • Loving thy neighbor?
  • Innocent until proven guilty?
  • Treat others as you would want yourself (or even let’s say your mother) to be treated?
  • The responsibility of our own actions?
  • Embracing Humility and Humanity?

Obviously that is a mere drop in the bucket when it comes to basic foundations of what human creatures of earth are technically responsible for.  We trade love for distrust.

Once I was called a psychopath by a person who consistently lies, well, sir, to you I say, I am no more a psychopath than you are an honest and kind man. I choose to express my feelings, because I walk away from being disgraced or lied about, a psychopath does not make.  You must either hurt so badly that you want the entire world to hurt with you, or, you are completely detached from anyone and care only for your own welfare. Something I can not change, nor wish to change, that is your issue to deal with, not mine.

If our paths cross(ed), and it has become tiresome to both of us, or even stressful, it’s time to part ways. I have not travelled your life path, and you have not travelled mine. The opportunity to know one another is gift enough, accept the outcome and search for the next turn in your destiny.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Projects Galore!

I have so many projects in my head, I need to write them down in an outline or list so that I can organize them all. I don't want to forget any..

List of Weekend Projects
  1. Crafts
    1. Umbrella
      1. Finish unstitching material
      2. Organize pattern for design
    2. Etsy Store
      1. Take photos 
      2. Create write-ups for easy uploading
  2. Craft Room
    1. Organize materials by type
      1. Yarns
      2. Materials
      3. Tools
      4. Finished Products
    2. Set up room as wanted
      1. Move in Spare Table
      2. Hang Baskets for filling
      3. Add Shelving
  3. Getta’ yer Butta’ movin’ as you only have three days! ;)
So.. I love some of these craft room set ups:

OMG I could do this for hours..Someone.. please help me! Give me your ideas and suggestions!!

. o O (DAYDREAMS) O o .

A New Moo

**PS thank you to EVERYONE who's photos these are! There are some AMAZING and beautifully talented people out there!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A part of growing is learning what you are, or have become..

When people see me from the outside, they think of me as a plain Jane mother and grandmother. Many say I don’t look my age, but I sincerely love being 41. Most people believe they can see my soul through my eyes, and probably they can. I rarely protect myself from strangers; I don’t usually put up the walls.  I’ve been publicly prosecuted for having a personality, sense of humor and even for easing tension to try and make someone feel comfortable in unsure surroundings. Not to sound conceited but, I have picked that apart several different times and ways, and it was always done by someone that was jealous that their personality didn’t shine naturally.  I can see that, I’m sure they already know that, but don’t want to recognize it or accept the truth in it.

I know a lot of people say “I always felt different growing up”. I think a lot of us do. Possibly between the option of reincarnation, or being born as an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow child, a sensitive, having survived a terminal illness, or even just the environment in which you were raised. Some people are born with “it” and others aren’t. Take Dexter Morgan on “Dexter”. He wasn’t “different” until a traumatic event took place, then he became different. He wasn’t born that way, then, technically “raised” that way.

I don’t think that I ever felt that I was adopted, but I did feel (and we are talking every waking hour) that I didn’t fit the way I was supposed to. Socially, I was shy at first, but then opened up, and was a ham to experience making people laugh or smile. My heart was big, and I tended to gravitate to the social outcasts and quieter bunch. I didn’t consider myself a leader, so if they followed, I just entertained the situation and accommodated what I could. I was always the helper, soother, comforter, fixer, helper and mediator, even at a very young age.

While other kids were more worried about watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, or playing Atari on Saturday nights, I was far more interested in sitting outside, listening, feeling, experiencing. Don’t get me wrong, I was a whiz at Pong, but I’d much rather sit in the dirt, feel the earth, smell the rain, the sunshine and the breeze against my skin. Yes, even at a very young age. Most kids don’t want to do that, but I did, and always will.  That part of me will always remain childlike; I will make sure of it.

Then there were the days I would be 9 or 10 years old, downstairs and FEEL someone watching me. Was there high EMF down there? Possibly, was I super sensitive to EMF even then? That of course is a HUGE possibility. Or how about the instinctive draw to water, fire, rocks, trees, dirt, plants, the sky, loving the moon and the feelings it gave me even back then? How about the urgency to enjoy camping, and appreciate the simple things of being one with nature? How about the infinite fascination and ability to feel and absorb energy from making a fire, watching it, or seeing a lightening storm? Then there is the nearly immediate understanding of being able to craft without someone showing me how, the constant need to learn or research and find out for myself? Or, how very smooth and rather easy manner in which I seemed to understand animals without even trying.

In looking back now, I can see the all of the signs of being an Empath. I think I knew all along, THAT was a part of me that truly was different. It wasn’t a forced thing, it was natural. I didn’t brag about it, because I was smack in the middle of it without even realizing what “it” was. The feeling sorry for the underdog, constantly being told I was too sensitive (well duh), looking at a friend and just knowing (and completely feeling) that something was wrong, they were upset, ill or sad.

So, with that entire gift given “knowledge”, I can tell you that it is an understanding when you see/feel a fraud.  These things don’t just *poof* happen to you overnight. They don’t just absorb into your system the second someone shares with you their excitement of either examining a situation, or actually having an amazing event happen for them to go through. You don’t obtain through the process of osmosis, instantaneous access automatically becoming something through the process of jealousy due to another person with their abilities.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I am no more important than you, as you are no more important than I. Each of us has our own special gifts and contributions to society and our own existing lives.   Making something out of what doesn’t even exist, only displays insecurities.  Trying to reach the top, of whatever we are striving for, mountain, job, most titles, doesn’t mean anything if you leave a trail of used and abused behind you. I never try to be something I am not. I don’t try to attack those that don’t know their own way. I do believe in myself, that I am important, and what anyone else says (in a negative manner) about me is worthless to anyone else. Those that fall prey to someone that will take advantage of them, have to learn that lesson on their own.

Polish a pile of steaming dog poo, and all you are going to get is shiny poo…

Friday, May 13, 2011

I believe I know which kitchen witch created this recipe from scratch...

Recipe for Drama....
1 cup of gossip
1/4 cup of rumors
1 lb of jealousy
Mix well & cover in lies
Roast for as long as you lack self esteem.
If you decide to put this into the fridge, it will turn into Revenge and will be best served cold.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Simple Equations..

Judging first + inquiring later = far too late!

Too bad too, because it doesn’t matter your age, you are still immature and close minded!

A New Moo

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do People..

Really watch? Read? Pay attention?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weatherford Downtown Cafe

Had a wonderful time (and great food) at the above cafe today.  Talked to Britton, the owner, SUCH a very nice guy! He remembered who I was and even told me about a few things that have happened since the last time I was there. Fascinating! The spirits there must love watching everyone there, the place was packed for Mother's Day (even though I think they are ALWAYS packed!).

We sat at a table next to the brick wall, and although the place was packed.. I was next to the wall, an no one was in the seat behind me.. yet, someone bumped the side of my leg.. only for me to look down and see no one there (about 3 inches between my leg and the wall).

All ending with a follow up of the best blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream.

What a great visit!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"I think there is a substantial difference between having knowledge and/or access, and being smug. Mind how you express it. It can be like watering a single rose, or purposefully stepping on the delicate petals. Presentation is the key. ♥."  ~ Melissa Burk

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Insightful, funny, true and interesting..

I don't know what I'd do without her sometimes!!!

Feel free to visit.. she's a very intelligent friend of mine!

A New Moo!

..I'm good at it too..

I love to make, and hear, people laugh. ♥

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If you had any TRUE knowing..

you'd have known she lied to you ALL along...

Power in numbers..but the figures that are gathering on the receiving end of her lies, her daggers, her split tongue and her deceit, are growing faster than she could even possibly imagine.

Directly to her, "You no longer have any control, you think you do, but even you are living under your own false pretenses.."

Your numbers are small, and your alliances are weak.

Better think of something else OR buck up and start telling the truth and realizing that you are failing in all of your benign attempts. You are a big girl now, really, you should be acting like an adult. I don't foresee you doing that, because in your mind, you do believe you are right and the best and honest. No ma'am, you are not. I've seen how you've reacted. I have heard the things you have said to your "now" friends and YET look what you do to their faces..well, what faces exist behind the computer screen. You are the Kool-Aid server my previous friend. YOU will be the reason that people will not forgive you when they start to see.

Although.. I digress..

Sunday, May 1, 2011

"When I loved myself enough, I began 

leaving whatever wasn't healthy. This 

meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and 

habits - anything that kept me small. 

My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see 

it as self-loving." ~Kim mcMillen ❤

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Stopping long enough to write things down helps one to focus on important facets of their life.

Lately, nostalgia has taken a large part of my waking hour. There are people that will tell you living in the past is not a good idea, that it takes over your here and now.  Well, I disagree.  Only because I think we have to revisit the past, especially the wonderful and beautiful parts to remind us WHO we are, and why we feel the way we do about things.

Some of this post is not going to mean anything to anyone but myself, but why not see if it encourages your memories to strike up a conversation with your frontal lobe..

Sitting under the big cotton wood, at the lake... feeling the breeze through my hair.. the smell of the lake water.. daydreaming of what my first date will be like. Camping the entire weekend, watching the fire, fishing off the dock. Waiting for the nightly summer storm to roll in.

The long walks I would take as a child, walking through the woods of Georgia, smelling the musty trees, hearing the soft crackling of leaves and dried pine needles beneath my feet. Talking with my grandmother about buried jars of money. Suckling cinnamon disks, exploring for hours on end.

Saturday evenings with popcorn from the stove, M&M's and a glass bottle of Pepsi as our treat of the weekend.

Lying on the soft grass of Alliance Nebraska on a mid summer's day, looking up at the clouds, trying to find shapes recognizable by the human eye. Listening to the birds chirping, the wind blowing and feeling the sun upon my face and shoulders.

Running barefoot outside, during a rain storm, letting the rain fall upon me.

Laying again in the grass, only this time, in the still of night, looking at the stars, being able to see them in the small country town, feeling so very small against the vastness of the sky and the Universe before me.

Meeting the boy on our Pediatric Oncology floor, getting to know him, and see him, feeling all that he'd went through even before me, then, coming back, and him not being there. Him passing away, moving onto another dimension of his life..

Constantly dreaming about deja vu, having visions of this very small, cozy cottage, rather dark inside, small lights with candles and oil lamps, almost like I was dreaming about a life I'd previously lived. standing at a window, in a dark room, gazing upon the snow softly falling outside, turning around to see a room full of small floating candles.. making the darkened room look like a starry night.

My life, my mind and my imagination, consistently entertain my ability to still daydream. Helps me to see and understand things beyond my knowledge. It allows me to explore the conquistador in my soul, permits me to forever stay young at heart, creative in mind and content in spirit. Allows me travel to other worlds, places, countries, people, and dimensions.

There's a reason I am here, an explanation for why I am.

Everything happens for a reason.

I am blessed indeed.

Thank you Universe!!!


Friday, April 29, 2011

Today my list is long..

Every single day, I compile a list of healings for people that I love, who have come to me, or just ask me in general. I love the fact that people come to me, they ask, they share, they request, yet they also open their mind and trust me enough to want help from me.  Some days the list is small, some days (like today) the list is long. There is an array of different healing needs, some physical, a lot mentally and spiritually, but tonight, I am going to be one busy girl. I did get a text from a dear friend that said “Thank you for whatever you are doing, I feel like it’s helping.” That’s what I LOVE to hear!

But THEN..I read this from a friend and WOW.. WOW.. WOW.

Take it to heart, it’s true and great advice!

“A higher consciousness is not suppressing emotions and focusing on the Light, but accepting the Dark and the Light, expressing and dealing with them, even though emotions may make you FEEL stuff but not letting yourself be motivated by any one of them alone. Balance is the word. We have all emotions at the same time, our focus decides which one prevails...don’t focus. Just BE. Many people seem to think that you are hate or being negative when you express anger....expressing anger is a way to get rid of negative energy. People who understand that will allow you to shout and fume, and help you get it all out of your system. Just don't forget to keep smiling while having all these is pretty hilarious even though it may suck and hurt from time to time." ~ D

A New Moo

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My kids..and my grandson are AMAZING!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Learning, ever so slowly..

In the grand scheme of things, even though I was reluctant, (stubbornly so) I did a random act of remote kindness for an enemy. I wanted to type "yuck" after that, but if I am ever going to grow spiritually, I need to accept that it was deemed so, and play my forgiveness without forgetting card more often. ♥

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lessons learned..

I am tested every single time someone mentions the name of someone that hurt or betrayed me. Guess what gang, I pass the test. I rise above pettiness and hurtful intentions and I.Don't.Look.Back.

You lost out, so sorry.

My quote today..

"Some days I'm bullet proof, and others, well, I'm a pile of goo." ~ Moo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OH and by the way..

Tea Tree Oil is simply amazing..

My message from the last few days..

"Let Go" and "Move On".

Sometimes I am so stubborn.. I know..I KNOW. Fine.
My mature side wins. (refrains from throwing a fit) ;)

Happy Tuesday all :)

Etheric Auric body, this aura is all about emotions related to you and dealing with self respect, self acceptance and self love. (I think my Spirit Guides are just as stubborn as I am).

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Leave a relationship that is not honoring you..

That includes so called "Friendships".

I finally got it

The letter from the lady I've been working so closely with. Things are about to get a LOT busier and I'm LOVING IT!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thank you

My sweets.. your support is heartfelt. <3

Monday, April 4, 2011

Continuly using other's words, shows your low rate of literacy.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just the facts..

Does it bother me? For about a second.. I release it, then I don't think about it at all, and I remember the trueness in life. I might have been betrayed, lied about, and even had friends drift away, but I always remember I have the upper hand. Everything I do, is for a reason. Often times it comes naturally to me. I don't force it or make it up. Smart people, see the truth.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Sometimes I'm amazed by the power and truth deep within myself. ♥

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Everyone learns in their own way..

I simply adore the people that take the time to get to know me, know the REAL me, know that I am not anything (some) other people tend to say about me. What you see is what you get. To those that have fallen away from me for whatever reason, may you understand the truth some day. ♥

Saturday, March 26, 2011

This past week

I have learned so much. I am humbled enough to know that I have a lot more to learn. I am strong enough to seek for myself, ask if I need help, but not take advantage of those surrounding me to travel my path of enlightenment. I have physically met with people that have changed my life. People who have been true in their destination of their awareness, even with jealous and fraudulent people bashing them, tearing them apart, and they still remain humble, spiritually awake and steady.

The more I dare to explore, the more open I become. My spiritual guides deserve credit too, as they are so loving and accommodating in my spiritual growth. I don't abuse their gifts to me for personal gain, excuses in my actions or reactions, or by sharing something attributed to them that they did not share in the first place.

Do the right thing now, as your life is about to change, and you will be challenged and you will fail.  Those you have used and abused to get to where you are, will fall away from you one by one.

A New Moo

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Watch this!

I can do it myself.. Can you?

Recording another show tonight!


A New (and improved) Moo!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You have made it

Pretty much ALL about you. Gross.

So, how many people now have you left on the side of the road, abandoned, in order to please yourself? To say "My guides say" when they are SO ashamed of you and your actions? They would NEVER tell you to follow this path of dishonesty, envy, lies and betrayal. YOU are the one that has betrayed people who are all around, you while pointing YOUR crooked fingers at others (like myself, or others that also know what a crock of crap you are).

Be sure to boost the ego of your "sisters", down the road a bit maybe it will sooth their stings and pains from you stabbing them and leaving them because they could no longer benefit you.

What is going to happen when one of them finds out you are only her friend because you lust after her husband? Is your motto "Keep your friends close, and your competition CLOSER?".

When was the last time YOU did something for your team?   Months? Yes, because it's all about you. All about your path. All about what you have to do. You are selfish and ugly.

There are no names mentioned here, but YOU know who you are.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Power in Numbers

And.. good vs. evil.

Remember that. Just a heads up.. *I* am not on the evil side.

Your actions and your words, they will catch up with you. You know deep down what you are doing is wrong, but you don't care. Your Karma, it will find you, and you will NOT like it.


Posted for my friend Rusty

"For SOME those at a certain online radio network who continue to abuse me for leaving....listen up. I have two radio shows on REAL radio which take up much of my time. I just don't have the resources to produce an online show according to a schedule - that's the only reason. Your continued insults mean I will NEVER return to the network now so GROW UP. If you haven't the courage to say something to me face, don't say it because it WILL get back to me.

The other thing is that I owned the right to my shows except for Mysterious and Unexplained which was purchased by a local community radio station.  I strongly advise against such childish and punitive measures such as copying the names of my shows for your own benefit.
It saddens me I have to write this.  It saddens me that people I called friends turned out to be nothing but turncoats.

The Full Spectrum is an independent show and is not tied to ANY network, but if I decided to I will and I don't need your condemnation because of it.

Did you put in the hard work to produce the show?  No?  Then keep your opinion, innuendo and rumor to yourself.  If you don't you will find that I don’t bleat, I sue."


SO now MY perspective. Immature and childish "adults" feeling insecure and mean.  You are bullies! You try and convince everyone else is a bully but guess what, pot, kettle, black. Grow up.

This same "online radio" station accused me of badmouthing the station (lie), harassing your patrons (total lie) and overall trying to make them look bad. Guess what, I didn't, but I will now.  As, not one of you hold anything over me. Nothing. You have no proof, you have no pull, you are all extremely weak minded people, trying to hype yourselves into something you are not. You are lies, you are bitter, you are a click of selfish bullies. Plain and simple. Your horrible dishonor of any service is following you and soon, it will ruin you. 

You destroyed (and yes, YOU, not any of the previous host, not any of the previous visiting chatters/listeners..YOU, those still remaining) (except one show that I can think of). You have taken something, that once was a very exciting thing, and you've run it into the ground. *shrugs* I don't give a shit though, truly.  Black list me, talk evil about me, believe stupid lies and accusations, but I already know that I am none of what you filthy mouthed liars say about me. I have many many many people behind me that can vouch for me. Your few stupid people that hold onto your backwards beliefs, your loss.  I don't waste my time on you at all.

People this weekend laughed at you, mocked you. I didn't join in, but I did celebrate the fact that people see... right... through... all... of you.

So, yes, I can say you are a piece of crap Internet radio station that you ruined. No contract binds me to you, THANK THE HEAVENS. PS, association, doesn't carry anything either. So you name drop? BFD.

A New Moo

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's long and a doozy.. enjoy!

When you have something happen to you, something important or altering, I think everyone should write that information down.  You can always go back and read about it, refreshing your energy to appreciate it and/or to remind yourself of the lesson(s) you’ve learned from it. I’m a big fan on journals and always have been. 

I wanted to share this up last night, but I’ll be honest with you, I was completely and thoroughly worn out from the weekend of travelling, meeting (new) people and the overall experience I had with my first convention. I met a LOT of people, and without sounding conceited, some that were simply amazing, some were energy vampires and wore masks of deceit. You get that nearly everywhere you go.

Meeting Dawn
This would be the first time that I met my friend Dawn.  I’ve talked to her now about 6 months on the internet and while I “know” her in that fashion, meeting her was that much more exciting.  She is zany and forthright, will always go to the source if there is an issue, and she makes me laugh. No really, really? REALLY! Regardless of how sick I was the previous week, it was meant to happen the way it did. I was meant to go there with Dawn, talk the hours it took us to get there and back (combined almost 12 hours of driving) and the opportunity to get to know each other and “feel” each other out. Thank you Dawn for showing me a few things, introducing me to Ericka, spending time with me, and making me laugh! So glad you and Robyn also got along as well as you did, we truly were a threesome this weekend and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Also, eating at the “Catfish Plantation” and introducing me to C and M, and having them introduce me to the Catfish Plantation’s owner (who is a HOOT!).  There were a lot of things I had in my “firsts” column this weekend and you were a very large part of that!

Reconnecting with Robyn
Always, always ALWAYS, Robyn makes me laugh. I’ve known her off and on a good what, two years now? She might live 3.5 hours away from me, but every time I get to see her, I’m always laughing. Her and Dawn met each other for the first time as well, and they both were goofy together.  What more could a girl ask for than being with people she has fun with and trusts.  Robyn was the hit of the night both nights in dressing AWESOMELY (is that truly a word?) and even wore a hippie dress that I fell in love with.  We drank, we laughed, she did the robot on her huge hotel bed while I was helping her with her and EW’s show; what a weekend! I’m so glad that she was able to make it, and I will personally thank Bill, her hubby, for allowing her/letting her come so *I* could see her. There’s possibly going to be a new video, if I know Robyn, and it will be just as wonderful as the Paranormal Robot, I’m just saying.

The Byers
I’m just going to put this out there, the Byers (Brian and Anna Marie) get way too much crap for who they are. Seriously! In the experiences I have had (with the people that insist that Brian and AM are anything other than wonderful and amazing) I say to you, “Mind your own damn business, your opinion does not matter here or anywhere else.”  In other words, you wouldn’t know so shut your yap.  I have also known these two for about two and a half years, and they have been more family to me, and have ALWAYS supported me when others (yes YOU if you are reading this) have stabbed me in the back, lied about me, etc. They don’t judge, they just put their arms around me (and many, many others) and they give their hearts and souls to the people they care about.  Things are never perfect, but remember, you are GOOD people, and a LOT of people love and adore, you, including myself!

Now, with that set of “thanks you’s” shared, I have another … situation that I want to share. Again, I will not go into direct details, for various reasons, but, there was a part that changed many of my thoughts about many things in my life. This happened what, almost two days ago, and I can’t stop thinking about it. It was something that I needed to hear, feel, and would have never happened if A) the two people I mentioned above didn’t pull some strings in order to share the B) part, which is Christopher Moon. He is someone else that people give absolute crap to, treat horribly, rake over the coals and spew their filth about. Really? Because how easy is it for you to form your opinion about him without even meeting or spending time with someone first?

Meeting Christopher Moon
I am sure I had heard horrible things about Christopher Moon.  Mostly from people that don’t have a very high intelligence, are full of self absorption, are narcissists, or just cruel people that feel they know it all. Well, I’m here to tell you, I can not remember one thing I had heard prior to personally meeting him, probably because it was untrue and meaningless coming from insignificant people. *shakes her head* These people are missing out on something that could potentially show them a side of life (and death) that could, of course, change their perception, their sense of belonging and essentially their outlook about their personal journey. But, they chose to spew hatred so they don’t deserve to get to know him.

For those of you reading this that are not into the paranormal, Google “Christopher Moon” and read what he does, it might help you to understand.

On to what happened. For privacy purposes, I won’t mention true names, out of respect for family members, but I asked to speak to someone that I hadn’t seen or talked to in 22 years. This person was a childhood friend, and his brothers are on my Facebook page, so I can’t explain my relationship with him other than he was a very dear friend that I loved like a brother. We had made outlandish childhood plans of marrying on December 25, 2025 and we would pay for everything with Jelly Beans, as that is how children think and feel when they are younger.

Suffice it to say, I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately and have wanted to communicate with him just recently. It’s been a goal, and Christopher helped me (and MANY others in that room) to accomplish that. Now I’m debating on telling his brothers or not, I will wait to see what I am “told”.

Thank you Christopher for what you do, who you are, your gifts and your wonderful personality.  Never let anyone take any of that away from you, ever. This world truly is a much better place because of you. I don’t think people stop long enough to tell you that. You hear the bad, the angry and the negative, but, you need to be also given the positive. You are a tender part of my soul now, and I thank you!

My Friend “J”
In experiencing what I did above, it brought me to another friend that I love and care about. While taking a shower on Sunday morning, my spirit guides very forcefully (and rather loudly – lol) said “Tell Him!” So, yesterday, I did “tell him”. I told him what he meant to me, how I felt about him and how he’s also affected my life. I could not let him think he wasn’t special to me.

So, it might have been only three days, but it was three days I will never forget. I wouldn’t have changed who I was with, or what we did/experienced for anything. I am blessed indeed.

Want to comment to me directly (that happens a lot more than it does here) and not in public under prying eyes? You can send me emails to!

A New Moo

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I have found

The least amount of time I deal (or even THINK of) with *those* idiots, and say my true feelings of events and issues, the better my life feels to me and those that love me.  I have respect, as I respect those that are worthy.

Suddenly people from all over are expressing their distaste and lack of trust for those wearing their masks. It feels good to know that their word, means nothing.  Their actions are following them into their reputation, and neither are looked upon with respect, only disdain.

I celebrate people with true virtue!

A New Moo

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Am so grateful and truly amazed at the support and constant encouragement that my friends and family give to me.  They protect me from evil doers in this lifetime.

A New Moo

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Results of our second house blessing/cleansing..

So, this weekend was absolutely fabulous.  The house that we went to bless was nothing like the last house, but needed cleansed/blessed all the same.  You could tell there were a lot of residual negative feelings absorbed into the framework of the house, they’d been there since the 1970’s so, that would be understandable. The house owner was very open to what all we were doing and hopefully will spiritually accept the positivity that was given to her, and start fresh with her life. She has had a pretty rough and abusive life, and I’m sure that was the largest factor in the house holding onto it all.  She was holding onto it.

Some further steps are being taken to help her, a friend is coming over to help her do yard work and plant some flower for brightness.  The priest that helped bless the house is going to call around and see if someone can help get her house back up to safe standards.  Bring in someone like “Habitat for Humanity” to paint, fix boards, broken windows, etc.  Even though the house is now just her and her wonderful Pitbull/Great Dane, there needs to be a lot done to help keep the cold and the heat out. There is a lot of chaos there and that will always attract spiritual strife.  

I think us giving her the permission to forgive herself and just live happily was needed as well. Things will be different for her, and she needs to concentrate on the good, the positive and take her time as here and now (not in the past).  She's going to be alright. Nice!

Now the investigation at a different location later that night? LOL... that's a WHOLE other blog entry!

A New Moo

Friday, February 25, 2011

So I was noticing..

While I was reading back in my paper journal (I have three by the way-this one paranormal) I noticed all of the paranormal activity that has been happening around me lately.  I remember saying at one time in my life "I'm OK with it as long as it doesn't happen to me".  Whoops.  And really, it's not that I'm not OK with it, because it's challenging to try and figure things out, notice events and situations surrounding it, and also trusting and listening to my spirit guides, developing my Empathy and Intuition, and over all learning who I am as an adult.

I also noticed in my other journal (this one my spiritual growth and events) when I first started researching and understanding what was happening to me and what I truly was, did I see what was happening in certain friendships I was involved in. I started seeing things that made me not trust her. Why you might ask? Well, the moment that I figured something out with myself, is the trigger in what she suddenly became.  When talking to others with their own special gifts, bing, suddenly THAT was her special gift as well. Yuck. It would appear she was stealing every one else's thunder, then would wonder why people didn't want to share their experiences with her, well, because she had broken the bond of trust. She wanted a huge parade and recognition given to her for her "amazing" abilities, yet, when someone did share something with her, she down played it so much that it was very obvious what her intentions were.

 I read through even more and I'm actually surprised that I didn't see things much sooner.  I have seen HUGE improvements and changes in my spiritual being as it would appear I am no longer in "competition" in having my own experiences.  Healing is still the gift I am hugely grateful for. People from all over the world (literally) have benefited and told me so. I will forever learn, and appreciate true healers helping to continue to guide me, instead of feeling that there is a better, only, or great, etc.  NONE of my friends, now, take things away from me, nor do they mock me, lie to me, but rather they are interested in what I do, they accept the things I excel at (naturally and in learning) and they don't try to change me. Nice. I am blessed!

A New Moo

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Low importance indeed!

"Life becomes easier as you develop the habit of not allowing things of low importance bother you." ~Nicholas Mansilla

Hear Hear!

"I always believed that if you trusted people, if you treated them as you wished to be treated, if you respected them...they would most likely reciprocate or at least do the right thing. Boy do I overestimate people..." ~ Marie D. Jones

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It would be nice if...

Meet success like a lady and disaster like a woman....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy weeks ahead!

So, I really didn't a chance to mention last weekends investigation/blessing/cleansing. 

It turned out so much more different than I had even expected. It changed from "We would rather you not do a full investigation" to "Yes, we want you to do it all".  Well, good thing that we brought our equipment JUST in case.

The house IS active, but there are no demons there, an angry and possibly cantankerous spirit or two? Yes. I am still going through evidence, almost finished.  You know, I value other people's opinions on EVP's. I know with the last time I worked with, the founder was such an EVP Nazi. I don't play that way.  I also find that different people hear different things.  That doesn't offend me or make me defensive, but I know some people are like that.

As soon as the home owners hear their EVP's I'll post a link to them so you all can hear them too.

On another note, have another "house blessing/cleansing" this weekend again, and an investigation in a separate place.  Our wonderful minister friend Thomas will be going again, and we are training a junior member how to do it all right (he's 16).

Then, off for two weekends for sure, and the event on March 19th.

Hubster and I had a wonderful date day ALL day long on Saturday.  Much needed.  LOTS of laughter, and Sunday was a day of movie watching, laundry doing, and chore finishing. What a wonderful weekend the last two weekends have been, can't wait for this coming weekend.

Life feels good!

A New Moo

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Burning your bridges,
you watch as they fall.
Laughing to yourself
that you've thought of it all.

What's going to happen
at the end of your game,
with your morals abscond
and your life, full of shame?

No one will trust you
as you've acted in greed,
we'll pull out your knife
and you'll watch as we bleed.

Our bonds will get stronger
for vacillation is not ours,
you'll stand in decaying pits
as we watch from our towers.

You'll look up in despair
in your forsaken, brutal ridges,
you are forever discarded
as you've burned all your bridges.

~ Melissa Burk

Friday, February 18, 2011


Loser..maybe you should have found out first.

Oh and to top it off..I did NOT say a bad word about your crappy-ass less than professional .... position.. and as MUCH as I want to, you.are.not.worth.the.wasted.breath.
"Slander cannot destroy an honest man. When the flood recedes, the rock is there." - Chinese Proverb

Thursday, February 17, 2011


"Accepting diversity is to ascertain, to be inexorable is no less than poignant." ~ Melissa Burk

What? I have them sometimes!  lol..

A New Moo

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boy Howdy!

"When you will not forgive someone, you fill your life with resentment, paranoia, isolation, righteous indignation, vindictiveness, and false assurance that your perceptions and actions are justified because of the wrong that has been done to you (real or not.) You withhold yourself from human community because you perceive, or at least hope, you are not as imperfect as the rest of us and you don't want to associate too closely with our unforgivable flaws.

When you are unforgiven, your life is filled with recrimination, self-abuse, isolation, fear of further accusation, shame that you have done something considered unforgivable. You withhold yourself from human community because you perceive, or are afraid, that you are more imperfect than the rest of us and that you can never make enough amends to be a fully acceptable member of the human family again."

- Christina Baldwin
(from "Life's Companion - Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest)

On another note, Once a bully ALWAYS a bully?

How do YOU want to be when you are this age?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

*Smiling Confidently*

See, what you don't understand is it's over. No really, it is. Completely.

You no longer control my emotions, as you do not matter. There are many people that block you, people that hide your posts,  people are growing tired of you quoting someone else all of the time. They know it's because you are not original in the least, nor do you know how to be (even faking it).

People keep their eye on you, laugh at you, roll their eyes at you, and mock you behind your back. They are tired of your exaggerations (and trust me, there have been some doozies), and I don't blame them one iota. I didn't have to do a thing, just be myself. People found out on their own (it was only a matter of time).

So enjoy your life, your decisions and your path, it truly is the one that you have chosen.

Me? I'm doing great thanks! I'm blessed, happy, smart, creative, (including being original).. it's a long list that I won't bore you with. Things fall into place more and more each day.  ALL without you *smiles* or your constant negative (fake positivity?) vibrations.

I have met people in the last seven months that have such true positive, loving, and non-controlling vibrations that it's like I've found family members, sisters, brothers etc.. *smiles and shakes her head* .. I'm fantastic. I smile a lot, I love a lot, I laugh a lot, I learn, teach, share, express, experience .. and I live in my own life, with reality, mystery and contentment.

A New Moo

Monday, February 14, 2011

By far

One of the best ideas. Nice!

Brene Brown's post about generosity!

Reading that made me feel good about my decisions in life!!

A New Moo

Masks and those that wear them..

“Anyone can put on a fake face, it’s what’s inside that really counts” ~ Francis D Griffin
I will type up a little about the investigation here shortly! Best weekend, feeling great, and in the best mood. *beams*

A New Moo

Friday, February 11, 2011

One of


Big day tomorrow!

So, tomorrow is a big day. Traveling for 3 hours to a new town I've never been to. Having a minister help to bless a house. Myself and my friend Robyn to cleanse the house of the negative energies. This has been in the plans now for two weeks, a LOT of thought and planning have gone into every aspect of it. It will be a learning experience, and something new under my belt.

We are taking the following with us:

  • The love, light, protection, kindness, support, and the power in numbers, with approximately 45 spiritual beings, all talented and gifted with knowledge, spirituality and the wise ways of their elders and peers.

  • An open minded minister that is dedicated to helping in contributing to their faith, and his own.

  • Advise, research and help from our own loving Deities, Spirit Guides and our own inner light.

All very powerful, all greatly appreciated with much love.

Details without breech of confidential information probably Sunday or Monday!