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Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy weeks ahead!

So, I really didn't a chance to mention last weekends investigation/blessing/cleansing. 

It turned out so much more different than I had even expected. It changed from "We would rather you not do a full investigation" to "Yes, we want you to do it all".  Well, good thing that we brought our equipment JUST in case.

The house IS active, but there are no demons there, an angry and possibly cantankerous spirit or two? Yes. I am still going through evidence, almost finished.  You know, I value other people's opinions on EVP's. I know with the last time I worked with, the founder was such an EVP Nazi. I don't play that way.  I also find that different people hear different things.  That doesn't offend me or make me defensive, but I know some people are like that.

As soon as the home owners hear their EVP's I'll post a link to them so you all can hear them too.

On another note, have another "house blessing/cleansing" this weekend again, and an investigation in a separate place.  Our wonderful minister friend Thomas will be going again, and we are training a junior member how to do it all right (he's 16).

Then, off for two weekends for sure, and the event on March 19th.

Hubster and I had a wonderful date day ALL day long on Saturday.  Much needed.  LOTS of laughter, and Sunday was a day of movie watching, laundry doing, and chore finishing. What a wonderful weekend the last two weekends have been, can't wait for this coming weekend.

Life feels good!

A New Moo

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