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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The power of Confirmation

I had put out into the Universe a question that I asked sincerely. I asked that I be shown without a shadow of a doubt an answer, that not only provided an answer, but that helped me to make a decision that I had been debating over the last two weeks.

I did this two days ago during a very relaxing meditation. To be honest, I had forgotten I had asked this question, only with being busy and productive, it was set aside, so truly it wasn't "forgotten".

I received the answer mere moments ago. The very first thing I did was cry. My crying was not in a negative way, it was the reaction to the information that I received.  The very obvious answer, the very obvious direction, the very obvious patience the Universe has for everyone. Even those, that don't utilize it, accept it or are betraying it.

So, I feel this amazing peace, an affirmation of sorts. I have done nothing wrong. I am not the cruel things people have said about me. That helps me to remind those, that have individualism, intelligence and kindness within them, now surrounding me with their love, support and friendship.

They are mature and confident in our friendship. They respect it, they have faith that one person does not have to control it. They come to me if they have concerns. They respect my opinions, my thoughts, my expressions and my ideas as I do theirs. If I'm having a bad day or a bad moment, they don't belittle me, they comfort me until it works out.

I am blessed in more ways that I can express in just one post. I am grateful for my life, how I got here, and for the person that I am!

A New Moo


  1. Awwww... YAY.. I love the Moo that you are, and am so glad that you have friends that love you unconditionally.. it's very important. Sometimes it's hard to find those kind of people, but when you do, it's wonderful (as you know :) You are most definitely not what others say you are as those things were said out of fear, anger, jealousy, etc.

    And yes confirmation is HUGE and brings a wonderful peace. (((HUGS)))

  2. I love the method of asking for an answer, then laying the question down. Inevitably, the answer comes, and often when it is least expected. Congratulations on your new found answer!

  3. Love and hugs to you both! I am nothing but smiles right now!! MUAH!

  4. Aww brought tears to my eyes! *hug* LOVE YOU!!!!