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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Again in falling asleep

Last night while I was relaxing to fall asleep, I again addressed my spirit guides. I thanked them sincerely and asked if there was a message I needed to hear.  This is what I was shown and told:

A vision that I was standing at the edge of a very high cliff looking down into a very deep ravine.  My heart was racing and I felt nervous and anxious. The view was beautiful, but I felt fear.

Your feet are on the ground, what is before you is intense and exciting. Recognize any fear and learn how to turn it into determination. Reignite your passion for the activities you excel at and learn to erase the forces that insist you will fail. Light will be shown upon the flaws and deception of those who have lost their way, leave that to the ethereal plane. You are responsible for your own progression, not to fear, but to embrace. 

A New moo


  1. I was humbled. They weren't telling me I was perfect, they were telling me to look at my life from a different perspective. I am taking it all to heart <3