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Friday, February 4, 2011

Love these kind of days

Went to bed early, wasn't feeling the best, but got a LOT of warm comfy sleep (could still feel and see the fire in the living room), and woke up feeling MUCH better this morning (thank you Uricalm). I might be at work, but I have the weekend ahead of me. I also have this kick ass cup of hot dark chocolate to keep me warm.  The snow is pretty outside (possibly finally stopped snowing).. and while it was snowing there were times the sun was also peeking through.

The shower (contractor is snowed/iced in) might be finished by tomorrow afternoon. I will have a fire in the fireplace, I plan on making fresh banana bread. I will do chores and craft and finish getting ready for next weekend's investigation.

I'm excited it's Friday, let the weekend begin!

A New Moo

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