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Friday, February 11, 2011

Big day tomorrow!

So, tomorrow is a big day. Traveling for 3 hours to a new town I've never been to. Having a minister help to bless a house. Myself and my friend Robyn to cleanse the house of the negative energies. This has been in the plans now for two weeks, a LOT of thought and planning have gone into every aspect of it. It will be a learning experience, and something new under my belt.

We are taking the following with us:

  • The love, light, protection, kindness, support, and the power in numbers, with approximately 45 spiritual beings, all talented and gifted with knowledge, spirituality and the wise ways of their elders and peers.

  • An open minded minister that is dedicated to helping in contributing to their faith, and his own.

  • Advise, research and help from our own loving Deities, Spirit Guides and our own inner light.

All very powerful, all greatly appreciated with much love.

Details without breech of confidential information probably Sunday or Monday!

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