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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trees and their effect on me

Ever since I can remember, as a young child, I have loved trees. I guess you could say literally I am a true tree hugger. I love their energy, I love the stories they hold and tell, the way they look, the strength they display.

I can sit and stare at trees for hours. I can touch them and talk to them, but the most important thing I do, and this is where people are going to read this and roll their eyes, is, I listen to them. Yes, I can hear them, as the rings are not just the age of a tree, they explain hardships and droughts.

Every cell of a tree absorbs moments in time. They take in sadness and hurt, laughter and joy. They are also the perfect too to visualize and utilize in grounding yourself.

A simple grounding exercise involves the visualization of yourself as a tree. First, close your eyes. Next, visualize roots growing out from your feet. Extend your roots through the ground and going all the way down. Anchor them at the center of the earth. Release all that you need to let go of.

On a side note trees are more than happy to help teach you how to ground yourself.  They may be particularly majestic or unusual, something that you pick up form them directly. Feel the tree's bark, appreciate its form, it's height, and let the tree's energy flow through you. Especially take the time to get to know the trees on your property, the more personal you are with them, the more apt they are to help you. 

Always remember to give them some form of offering for thanks.

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  1. Man alive I'm tired and my eyes are bad..I see two mistakes already ;) lol