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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The activity

that is going on in the house we are visiting next weekend, is increasing.  The spirits KNOW we are coming.  Even the home owners acknowledged this information.

With this investigation coming up, I have taken the opportunity to open up even more spiritually. Stepping away from the social networks have given me the chance to meditate more, research options and grow even more emotionally and mentally. I think, being accused of being dark (which, by the way, is completely untrue-as my kindness is never forced or faked) helped ME to slow down even more and listen to my spirit guides. They were very kind and loving and reinforced that I am on the correct path.

I also had a wonderful confirmation on Tuesday night during meditation. Talking to the family mentioned above, discussing situations with Robyn and a very long and fruitful conversation with Dawn, some answers were placed very clearly before me.  The wonderful showering of emails and texts from the wonderful people surrounding me, well, I am in a wonderful place right now.

I am, because I am love and I am loved.

A New Moo


  1. Awww I like being fruitful :) You are an amazing woman, you give so much of yourself and you have most certainly been there for me numerous times, which I appreciate so deeply. Especially since some days the world around me seems so small, everyone seems to have an agenda, but you don't, you're just standing there arms open ready to hug, listen and just be there. You are an amazing, wonderful, loving spirit... and whenever we are a bright light, we will occasionally be accused of being dark.. as long as we know who WE are, that's all that matters. Luv ya, and keep being Moo, we wouldn't have it any other way :) !!!!!

  2. I think, and this is just me, when someone accuses someone else of being dark, they are afraid someone will see the truth about themselves. What is it they say, about one finger pointing outward, the rest are pointing inward. You know, at that time, I never listened to my intuition, but I do now. And I won't second guess it any longer. I think that's how we begin to understand.

    I truly cherish your friendship, Dawn. I can't wait to meet you! I can't wait until all of this paradrama has blown over a bit. By the way, what was said about YOU.. that is just horrible lies. You are wonderful and intelligent and I have learned SO much from you! So thank you, sincerely! Luv ya back sunshine!