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Friday, April 29, 2011

Today my list is long..

Every single day, I compile a list of healings for people that I love, who have come to me, or just ask me in general. I love the fact that people come to me, they ask, they share, they request, yet they also open their mind and trust me enough to want help from me.  Some days the list is small, some days (like today) the list is long. There is an array of different healing needs, some physical, a lot mentally and spiritually, but tonight, I am going to be one busy girl. I did get a text from a dear friend that said “Thank you for whatever you are doing, I feel like it’s helping.” That’s what I LOVE to hear!

But THEN..I read this from a friend and WOW.. WOW.. WOW.

Take it to heart, it’s true and great advice!

“A higher consciousness is not suppressing emotions and focusing on the Light, but accepting the Dark and the Light, expressing and dealing with them, even though emotions may make you FEEL stuff but not letting yourself be motivated by any one of them alone. Balance is the word. We have all emotions at the same time, our focus decides which one prevails...don’t focus. Just BE. Many people seem to think that you are hate or being negative when you express anger....expressing anger is a way to get rid of negative energy. People who understand that will allow you to shout and fume, and help you get it all out of your system. Just don't forget to keep smiling while having all these is pretty hilarious even though it may suck and hurt from time to time." ~ D

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