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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Stopping long enough to write things down helps one to focus on important facets of their life.

Lately, nostalgia has taken a large part of my waking hour. There are people that will tell you living in the past is not a good idea, that it takes over your here and now.  Well, I disagree.  Only because I think we have to revisit the past, especially the wonderful and beautiful parts to remind us WHO we are, and why we feel the way we do about things.

Some of this post is not going to mean anything to anyone but myself, but why not see if it encourages your memories to strike up a conversation with your frontal lobe..

Sitting under the big cotton wood, at the lake... feeling the breeze through my hair.. the smell of the lake water.. daydreaming of what my first date will be like. Camping the entire weekend, watching the fire, fishing off the dock. Waiting for the nightly summer storm to roll in.

The long walks I would take as a child, walking through the woods of Georgia, smelling the musty trees, hearing the soft crackling of leaves and dried pine needles beneath my feet. Talking with my grandmother about buried jars of money. Suckling cinnamon disks, exploring for hours on end.

Saturday evenings with popcorn from the stove, M&M's and a glass bottle of Pepsi as our treat of the weekend.

Lying on the soft grass of Alliance Nebraska on a mid summer's day, looking up at the clouds, trying to find shapes recognizable by the human eye. Listening to the birds chirping, the wind blowing and feeling the sun upon my face and shoulders.

Running barefoot outside, during a rain storm, letting the rain fall upon me.

Laying again in the grass, only this time, in the still of night, looking at the stars, being able to see them in the small country town, feeling so very small against the vastness of the sky and the Universe before me.

Meeting the boy on our Pediatric Oncology floor, getting to know him, and see him, feeling all that he'd went through even before me, then, coming back, and him not being there. Him passing away, moving onto another dimension of his life..

Constantly dreaming about deja vu, having visions of this very small, cozy cottage, rather dark inside, small lights with candles and oil lamps, almost like I was dreaming about a life I'd previously lived. standing at a window, in a dark room, gazing upon the snow softly falling outside, turning around to see a room full of small floating candles.. making the darkened room look like a starry night.

My life, my mind and my imagination, consistently entertain my ability to still daydream. Helps me to see and understand things beyond my knowledge. It allows me to explore the conquistador in my soul, permits me to forever stay young at heart, creative in mind and content in spirit. Allows me travel to other worlds, places, countries, people, and dimensions.

There's a reason I am here, an explanation for why I am.

Everything happens for a reason.

I am blessed indeed.


  1. Magnificant!!! What else can I say? I love this piece, and it's one of your best to date! Our blessings truly are endless aren't they? I don't know your feelings on God, but I see Him in every aspect of my life, from birds and trees, to blades of green grass, to the people in my life He has blessed me with knowing, which you are one... Whatever your higher power, it's so important to be thankful and grateful for all our blessings! It's always good to reflect on our past, dream of our future, but to enjoy our NOW! By the way, you're a wonderful friend and a blessing to my life, in case I haven't told you lately!

  2. Sweetie, you are a dear..and you are wise, and a character, and knowing you and getting to spend time with you, is a blessing to me!!! Keep your faith because it is beautiful, and you wear it well. Thank you!! <3