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Monday, March 21, 2011

It's long and a doozy.. enjoy!

When you have something happen to you, something important or altering, I think everyone should write that information down.  You can always go back and read about it, refreshing your energy to appreciate it and/or to remind yourself of the lesson(s) you’ve learned from it. I’m a big fan on journals and always have been. 

I wanted to share this up last night, but I’ll be honest with you, I was completely and thoroughly worn out from the weekend of travelling, meeting (new) people and the overall experience I had with my first convention. I met a LOT of people, and without sounding conceited, some that were simply amazing, some were energy vampires and wore masks of deceit. You get that nearly everywhere you go.

Meeting Dawn
This would be the first time that I met my friend Dawn.  I’ve talked to her now about 6 months on the internet and while I “know” her in that fashion, meeting her was that much more exciting.  She is zany and forthright, will always go to the source if there is an issue, and she makes me laugh. No really, really? REALLY! Regardless of how sick I was the previous week, it was meant to happen the way it did. I was meant to go there with Dawn, talk the hours it took us to get there and back (combined almost 12 hours of driving) and the opportunity to get to know each other and “feel” each other out. Thank you Dawn for showing me a few things, introducing me to Ericka, spending time with me, and making me laugh! So glad you and Robyn also got along as well as you did, we truly were a threesome this weekend and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Also, eating at the “Catfish Plantation” and introducing me to C and M, and having them introduce me to the Catfish Plantation’s owner (who is a HOOT!).  There were a lot of things I had in my “firsts” column this weekend and you were a very large part of that!

Reconnecting with Robyn
Always, always ALWAYS, Robyn makes me laugh. I’ve known her off and on a good what, two years now? She might live 3.5 hours away from me, but every time I get to see her, I’m always laughing. Her and Dawn met each other for the first time as well, and they both were goofy together.  What more could a girl ask for than being with people she has fun with and trusts.  Robyn was the hit of the night both nights in dressing AWESOMELY (is that truly a word?) and even wore a hippie dress that I fell in love with.  We drank, we laughed, she did the robot on her huge hotel bed while I was helping her with her and EW’s show; what a weekend! I’m so glad that she was able to make it, and I will personally thank Bill, her hubby, for allowing her/letting her come so *I* could see her. There’s possibly going to be a new video, if I know Robyn, and it will be just as wonderful as the Paranormal Robot, I’m just saying.

The Byers
I’m just going to put this out there, the Byers (Brian and Anna Marie) get way too much crap for who they are. Seriously! In the experiences I have had (with the people that insist that Brian and AM are anything other than wonderful and amazing) I say to you, “Mind your own damn business, your opinion does not matter here or anywhere else.”  In other words, you wouldn’t know so shut your yap.  I have also known these two for about two and a half years, and they have been more family to me, and have ALWAYS supported me when others (yes YOU if you are reading this) have stabbed me in the back, lied about me, etc. They don’t judge, they just put their arms around me (and many, many others) and they give their hearts and souls to the people they care about.  Things are never perfect, but remember, you are GOOD people, and a LOT of people love and adore, you, including myself!

Now, with that set of “thanks you’s” shared, I have another … situation that I want to share. Again, I will not go into direct details, for various reasons, but, there was a part that changed many of my thoughts about many things in my life. This happened what, almost two days ago, and I can’t stop thinking about it. It was something that I needed to hear, feel, and would have never happened if A) the two people I mentioned above didn’t pull some strings in order to share the B) part, which is Christopher Moon. He is someone else that people give absolute crap to, treat horribly, rake over the coals and spew their filth about. Really? Because how easy is it for you to form your opinion about him without even meeting or spending time with someone first?

Meeting Christopher Moon
I am sure I had heard horrible things about Christopher Moon.  Mostly from people that don’t have a very high intelligence, are full of self absorption, are narcissists, or just cruel people that feel they know it all. Well, I’m here to tell you, I can not remember one thing I had heard prior to personally meeting him, probably because it was untrue and meaningless coming from insignificant people. *shakes her head* These people are missing out on something that could potentially show them a side of life (and death) that could, of course, change their perception, their sense of belonging and essentially their outlook about their personal journey. But, they chose to spew hatred so they don’t deserve to get to know him.

For those of you reading this that are not into the paranormal, Google “Christopher Moon” and read what he does, it might help you to understand.

On to what happened. For privacy purposes, I won’t mention true names, out of respect for family members, but I asked to speak to someone that I hadn’t seen or talked to in 22 years. This person was a childhood friend, and his brothers are on my Facebook page, so I can’t explain my relationship with him other than he was a very dear friend that I loved like a brother. We had made outlandish childhood plans of marrying on December 25, 2025 and we would pay for everything with Jelly Beans, as that is how children think and feel when they are younger.

Suffice it to say, I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately and have wanted to communicate with him just recently. It’s been a goal, and Christopher helped me (and MANY others in that room) to accomplish that. Now I’m debating on telling his brothers or not, I will wait to see what I am “told”.

Thank you Christopher for what you do, who you are, your gifts and your wonderful personality.  Never let anyone take any of that away from you, ever. This world truly is a much better place because of you. I don’t think people stop long enough to tell you that. You hear the bad, the angry and the negative, but, you need to be also given the positive. You are a tender part of my soul now, and I thank you!

My Friend “J”
In experiencing what I did above, it brought me to another friend that I love and care about. While taking a shower on Sunday morning, my spirit guides very forcefully (and rather loudly – lol) said “Tell Him!” So, yesterday, I did “tell him”. I told him what he meant to me, how I felt about him and how he’s also affected my life. I could not let him think he wasn’t special to me.

So, it might have been only three days, but it was three days I will never forget. I wouldn’t have changed who I was with, or what we did/experienced for anything. I am blessed indeed.

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