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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You have made it

Pretty much ALL about you. Gross.

So, how many people now have you left on the side of the road, abandoned, in order to please yourself? To say "My guides say" when they are SO ashamed of you and your actions? They would NEVER tell you to follow this path of dishonesty, envy, lies and betrayal. YOU are the one that has betrayed people who are all around, you while pointing YOUR crooked fingers at others (like myself, or others that also know what a crock of crap you are).

Be sure to boost the ego of your "sisters", down the road a bit maybe it will sooth their stings and pains from you stabbing them and leaving them because they could no longer benefit you.

What is going to happen when one of them finds out you are only her friend because you lust after her husband? Is your motto "Keep your friends close, and your competition CLOSER?".

When was the last time YOU did something for your team?   Months? Yes, because it's all about you. All about your path. All about what you have to do. You are selfish and ugly.

There are no names mentioned here, but YOU know who you are.

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