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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Results of our second house blessing/cleansing..

So, this weekend was absolutely fabulous.  The house that we went to bless was nothing like the last house, but needed cleansed/blessed all the same.  You could tell there were a lot of residual negative feelings absorbed into the framework of the house, they’d been there since the 1970’s so, that would be understandable. The house owner was very open to what all we were doing and hopefully will spiritually accept the positivity that was given to her, and start fresh with her life. She has had a pretty rough and abusive life, and I’m sure that was the largest factor in the house holding onto it all.  She was holding onto it.

Some further steps are being taken to help her, a friend is coming over to help her do yard work and plant some flower for brightness.  The priest that helped bless the house is going to call around and see if someone can help get her house back up to safe standards.  Bring in someone like “Habitat for Humanity” to paint, fix boards, broken windows, etc.  Even though the house is now just her and her wonderful Pitbull/Great Dane, there needs to be a lot done to help keep the cold and the heat out. There is a lot of chaos there and that will always attract spiritual strife.  

I think us giving her the permission to forgive herself and just live happily was needed as well. Things will be different for her, and she needs to concentrate on the good, the positive and take her time as here and now (not in the past).  She's going to be alright. Nice!

Now the investigation at a different location later that night? LOL... that's a WHOLE other blog entry!

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