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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Posted for my friend Rusty

"For SOME those at a certain online radio network who continue to abuse me for leaving....listen up. I have two radio shows on REAL radio which take up much of my time. I just don't have the resources to produce an online show according to a schedule - that's the only reason. Your continued insults mean I will NEVER return to the network now so GROW UP. If you haven't the courage to say something to me face, don't say it because it WILL get back to me.

The other thing is that I owned the right to my shows except for Mysterious and Unexplained which was purchased by a local community radio station.  I strongly advise against such childish and punitive measures such as copying the names of my shows for your own benefit.
It saddens me I have to write this.  It saddens me that people I called friends turned out to be nothing but turncoats.

The Full Spectrum is an independent show and is not tied to ANY network, but if I decided to I will and I don't need your condemnation because of it.

Did you put in the hard work to produce the show?  No?  Then keep your opinion, innuendo and rumor to yourself.  If you don't you will find that I don’t bleat, I sue."


SO now MY perspective. Immature and childish "adults" feeling insecure and mean.  You are bullies! You try and convince everyone else is a bully but guess what, pot, kettle, black. Grow up.

This same "online radio" station accused me of badmouthing the station (lie), harassing your patrons (total lie) and overall trying to make them look bad. Guess what, I didn't, but I will now.  As, not one of you hold anything over me. Nothing. You have no proof, you have no pull, you are all extremely weak minded people, trying to hype yourselves into something you are not. You are lies, you are bitter, you are a click of selfish bullies. Plain and simple. Your horrible dishonor of any service is following you and soon, it will ruin you. 

You destroyed (and yes, YOU, not any of the previous host, not any of the previous visiting chatters/listeners..YOU, those still remaining) (except one show that I can think of). You have taken something, that once was a very exciting thing, and you've run it into the ground. *shrugs* I don't give a shit though, truly.  Black list me, talk evil about me, believe stupid lies and accusations, but I already know that I am none of what you filthy mouthed liars say about me. I have many many many people behind me that can vouch for me. Your few stupid people that hold onto your backwards beliefs, your loss.  I don't waste my time on you at all.

People this weekend laughed at you, mocked you. I didn't join in, but I did celebrate the fact that people see... right... through... all... of you.

So, yes, I can say you are a piece of crap Internet radio station that you ruined. No contract binds me to you, THANK THE HEAVENS. PS, association, doesn't carry anything either. So you name drop? BFD.

A New Moo


  1. Couldnt have said it any better myswelf


  2. I'm so tired of them beating people down ... MOVE ON LOSERS!

  3. ... and somehow I still hold out hope that 'they' will "quit the lip service and get on with the show" ...