Things aren't always as they appear..

Open your mind and your eyes..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If you had any TRUE knowing..

you'd have known she lied to you ALL along...

Power in numbers..but the figures that are gathering on the receiving end of her lies, her daggers, her split tongue and her deceit, are growing faster than she could even possibly imagine.

Directly to her, "You no longer have any control, you think you do, but even you are living under your own false pretenses.."

Your numbers are small, and your alliances are weak.

Better think of something else OR buck up and start telling the truth and realizing that you are failing in all of your benign attempts. You are a big girl now, really, you should be acting like an adult. I don't foresee you doing that, because in your mind, you do believe you are right and the best and honest. No ma'am, you are not. I've seen how you've reacted. I have heard the things you have said to your "now" friends and YET look what you do to their faces..well, what faces exist behind the computer screen. You are the Kool-Aid server my previous friend. YOU will be the reason that people will not forgive you when they start to see.

Although.. I digress..

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