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Monday, June 13, 2011

Adventures in Sharing the Written Word..

What is my new fascination with writing? I believe it has always been there, I’ve always admired it quietly and rather secretly. The opportunity of picking up a book, even as a child, and reading the words was a thrill. The admiration that someone could gather certain words, put them together in coherent sentences and paragraphs, with the ability to make my mind able to picture exactly what I thought the writer was trying to say is an exhilarating feeling! Many a day dreams have been produced with the help of a well written book.

I always wonder what kind of environment certain writers work in. It’s not hard to unrealistically imagine JK Rowling sitting in a little dimly lit room made into the earth, wands and potions surrounding, giving her the inspiration for Harry Potter. Logically, if I’m not mistaken, I remember reading about her sitting in a tea shop for hours, only ordering hot water, using her own tea bag on the account she literally didn’t have two nickels to rub together.

I imagine C.S. Lewis, sitting on the moors, overlooking the beautiful waters, and scenery, using that as his inspiration for Narnia (because really, couldn’t each and every one of us imagine us enjoying spending time there). When in reality, I can only imagine he truly sat behind a large Redwood desk, hand carved, possibly with a wardrobe to the side that he could imagine an ordinary piece of furniture into a traveling machine of sorts.

Of course, even as a child, I remember reading Stephen King books, imagining him working in an old Maine house guarded by a creepy iron gate, a lighthouse or two nearby. I can see him using material from a foggy Maine evening, utilizing his phobias to create a storyline for his fan base to creep-out while reading.  Oh wait, he really does write like that in a house like that. My bad.

So, what would my ideal location/environment be for me to be inspired and write freely when the urge washed over me?  Well, it would be in a small house (of course, don’t we ALL want that?) out in the middle of nowhere, to experience the quietness and serenity needed. I would love for the room to be in a musty attic room, which is safe and cool, looking over a beautiful view whether it is the ocean, mountains or even just out in the country. Giving me the opportunity of reflecting on what appeals to my fancy, and challenges my writing skills and imagination.

Just in typing this up, and looking at these wonderful little areas of creativity, I am itching to jot down a million different things floating around my noggin.  The opportunities are endless!

A New Moo

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