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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hello everyone!

Well, I must apologize to you the readers. I previously erased a lot of my old posts. Why? They were very aggressive and filled with hurt. I am not like that. Even though I (like so many others) have been going through a transitional stage of life, and I still have my bad days, things are actually amazing right now. Again, I still have my moments where things feel overwhelming, but I am working through those times. I am learning more about myself and what need to be done to get to my final destination. I don't believe my final destination is in this lifetime, as we never truly stop learning. If we do, then we begin to die much quicker than we already are.

While I still feel disappointment with situations and certain people that either are not living up to their potential, or are doing things that are not benefiting themselves in the long run, I am OK. I feel badly that they will learn the hard way and it is going to hurt them deeply. That, though, is not my issue, it is theirs.

The life of an extreme Empath will always leave heavy prints upon one's heart.

Soon, very soon, Robyn and I will have our certificates for hypnotherapy, which is a wonderful step in our lives. Our writing is going splendidly, the show is over the top, and other plans are in the works.

Life is so exciting!!

Hope that your weekend has been peaceful and entertaining. I will begin writing again, it's always in my heart to.


A New Moo


  1. Woot! *raises arms in a wootwoot motion*

  2. All right! Here's to more learning, more transitioning, and a lifetime of happiness. Pat