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Friday, April 27, 2012

Sometimes you learn something about yourself when you LEAST expect to..

Forever and a day I remember, even at a very young age, always wanting to please everyone. I wanted the world to like me, be my friend and want to spend time with me. This of course would pertain to other children, adults, teens, animals, it didn't matter. It was like I saw everything and everyone as a source of vibrating energy. My duty in life was to keep that vibration of happiness continually spinning for the entire world.

Rose colored glasses... That is how I saw life, and people. Everyone was good hearted, nice and we all wanted the other to be happy and healthy and fruitful. We could all share what we have, and if we needed something from them they would jump at the chance to share with you as well.

Well, the older I got, the more I realized just how naive I really was. People were starving in our own country as well, seniors were being neglected and abused, animals hurt and treated without feeling, perverted teachers, bad cops, addicted doctors, everywhere I turned there were waves of disappointment.

It wasn't a bad thing, nor was it wrong, that when I was so young, I envisioned what could have been.  I think it's a sweet gesture when kids see people in a different light than we adults do.

Belittling someone for "Wearing Rose Colored Glasses"(in my opinion) is someone expressing their disappointment that life is not a certain way. Their expectations have been shattered just a little bit as well, and it's easier (and much more cool) to look as if things don't matter, when deep down they really do. Why not make someone else feel like crap, especially if you do too.

Then, there are the people that tell others to stop playing the victim. Wait, you criticize the way others think, you are afraid of being exposed for what you really are (or in some cases AREN'T), you passively aggressively manipulate the perception others have, and you point your well-fed finger at others calling them a victim? That doesn't make any sense. Someone having the true desire to make people happy is not a downfall. If it is, it's only to the person trying. There are people that don't want to be happy. There are those that don't know HOW to be happy. We ourselves cannot change others without their willingness to change. Offering up help is one thing, wanting to change them to what YOU want them to be is another. A mature mind can distinguish between the two. A desperate, unsure mind cannot.

Do I still want people to be happy around me? Absolutely... However, there are now stipulations, sadly. Not sadly for my behalf, because I will always need to take care of myself first, then help others where I can.

  • There is no trying to help someone that doesn't want it. Trust me, there are people that do not. I can no longer sacrifice my health or my Empathy to try and please them. It is no longer MY duty to extend more than a fair amount of "offer".
  • I no longer let someone take advantage of my kindness, my talent, my creativity, my humor or my personality. Been there done that and what do I have to show for that relationship? (Imagine a pile of hot steaming poo in one or both of my hands).
  • I no longer let someone try to change who I am to benefit them. If I am sharing happiness with them, and they are only receiving, not reciprocating, then the deal is null and void.
So here I sit as a 42 year old, I've learned more in the last ten years of my life, than I ever did in school. I myself, I am happy. There are hurts in my life, but, if I balance the hurts vs. my happiness, I am blessed! I have amazing and beautiful friends. I have supportive and loving family. I have three dogs that make me smile DAILY. I have a roof over my head, food in my tummy, and talent oozes from my pores. I don't focus on the sad, the anger, or the hurt.

I challenge people to enjoy what they have in front of them and not base their happiness on what they still want. Sit and watch those you love, so that you can physically see happiness in action. That part of life is free. It's free and it's rewarding.

Happy Friday my lovelies. You deserve to feel inside of you, that in which the world should see more of.


  1. Beautiful post and true in every way!!

    Love you, Moo!!!

  2. Thank you Andrea! Love you back and SO glad I have you on my side in helping animals that are neglected, abused and killed because of people WITHOUT Empathy!