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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yep, You Guessed It, Me Again.

One of the things Empaths like to do is write (a lot), it helps us to verbalize what we are thinking that needs to come out. In knowing that now, I should have known my mother was an Empath as well, because that woman could write 18/20 page hand-written letters (front and back) ESPECIALLY when she was angry. I received a few from her when I was younger. Oh boy! That is how she verbalized her emotions and what she was feeling. I tend to write more when my vibration is set very high (not always, but I would say most of the time when I am in a beautiful mood and want to/HAVE to share).

I thought maybe I would share a few other things that Empaths do/feel/are gifted with/experience, etc. If you're up to it? Oh where to begin.

Some Empaths are magnificent conduits for other people, places and animals. What exactly is a conduit? Let me see if I can explain this so that you can visualize it instead of just hearing it.

There really are different kinds of conduits as well, and not all of them are Empaths. There is such a thing as a conduit that increases spiritual or metaphysical energy. Just like taking B12 helps one have more energy and be more productive, standing next to someone can make one or both a conduit to the other side. It's their vibration and their openness to events or situations that makes them the cup/string to the spirit world. Then there is the conduit of gifts, might it be healers, or mediums or even creators. Any person that enhances another person's natural gifts is considered a conduit. I've been proclaimed a conduit and I've had people that are the conduit to myself.  You begin recognizing the benefits of conduits and learn to appreciate them for their value.

Empaths tend to make natural Healers (hands on or off). This is something that I've also had for all of my life, I just didn't know it, or utilize it until I realized what was going on with me. So, not only do I feel what someone is going through, but it inspires me to help them however I can. I've learned to "see", scan, "feel" and "sense" illnesses, depression, deficiencies, issues and illnesses. Sometimes it comes to me without even "seeking" it, and other times I have to really get deeply into the healing. If there is more than one thing going on, it's almost as if I'm destined to fix one thing before moving on and figuring out the next dilemma.

Unfortunately, there are times that we also soak up every ounce of nasty, disease, illness, negativity, hurt, emotion and blockage (that we experience in the healee) into our own spirits and even physical bodies. While, we can surround ourselves in protection and safety, there are times that we aren't as diligent as we should be and we absorb it like a sponge in a coffee spill. I get yelled at a lot by one of my spirit guides (the other two are pretty quiet) and when I'm DEEP into a healing session (I mean it's been for HOURS) She yells my name loud enough to jolt me, it's my warning of you'd better wrap it up. Unfortunately, the last three days have been HEAVY Healing days and boy howdy have I felt it. It's made me ache all over. My bad.

Another thing that Empaths experience is sensitivity to electronics and EMF energy. Some days it happens more fluently than others. Case in point: Every time I would touch my phone these past there days, it would shut down. That never happens to me. There will be a good charge on it and I zap it to drained energy levels. Also, there are times I can walk into a building and feel where there is a power surge, I can feel a TV that is on, even if I can't see it or hear it, and I can feel when the toaster is engaged. Dirty electricity is even worse. Power lines and even light bulbs about to go out are felt. It's hard to explain but it happens more frequently than I'd like it to.

Also beware, there is a sensitivity to seeing something that might create/cause pain to someone. I can't watch confrontation on the television because it physical causing me anguish and discomfort. Watching certain movies, I sob uncontrollably because it's so emotional. The news, animal and child abuse, I can't watch things like "Most destructive accidents, American Idol (yes I said it.. because I couldn't stand to see Simon be such an ass to people-Deal with it Nancy!), or even court debates. Physically it wears me down, mentally, I take a thrashing as well. Emotionally turbulent and violent situations are unbearable.

There are times when too much stimulation can drive us nearly insane. Stimulation is good for the most part, but can be overwhelmingly so. Lights, sound, motion, acivity, it all falls into this category. There are times we need to just be alone listening to soft soothing music or even white noise, so that we can turn off all of the STIMULATION!

This information can be a given, oh boy can we be moody. I guess this gives people that truly don't understand what being an Empath means, the opportunity to claim that we are bipolor or even a psychopath. Unfortunately, most of those titles follow the path of Envy, or so it would seem.

Being an Empth, believe it or not, is in our DNA and is enherited. Yep, we've most likely not only received it from a parent or grandparent, but we'll also pass it on to our children and grandchildren. I've already told my mother I received it from her, as she received it from her mother, as she received it from her mother. Just because however it's run through the family on our female side, my son is also an Empath. He has an inkling, but until he's ready to accept it, will he strive to understand it.

"Theorists who have delved deeply into the study of an empath report the qualities are inherited. As a child, parents notice a strong difference between other siblings and the undiagnosed empath. The bold characteristics observed by parents might go without recognizing what they actually mean for a long time and sometimes forever. An adult empath could do a self discovery or be informed by another empath of that personality label well into adulthood." **

Here's another thing, and it doesn't always apply to Empaths, but is most certainly present in a lot of us. Since we deal with so many emotions through out the day, day to day, through out our lives, we tend to be on the "fluffy" side. We hold onto a lot of things that we shouldn't. It takes of lot of souls searching, meditation, understanding, awareness and acceptance before our bodies can physically take on the thinner trait. When I had no idea what I was, I was much thinner, although I struggled with the WHAT was going on part, but then as I understood it, it was like a flood gate of other issues popped in there. I also inherited my Empathic grandmother's figure (Thanks grandma!) so.. chunk it is for now.

I'm sure there are a plethora of other things that constitute "traits" of an Empath. I of course welcome others to join in on these blogs. Life is about sharing and learning, not trying to compete on who's the best what. I gladly fly my freak flag. It's who I am, and the older I get in my life, the more I adore my awkward craziness.

Happy Humpday peeps! <3