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Friday, July 20, 2012

Society as a Whole

I am not perfect, nor am I the only personal that is correct in assumptions or answers. I merely share my opinion, visions, thoughts, and intuition on situations.

I woke up to the tragedy of the theatre shootings. I have already mediated on this issue for a bit and have decided to write up here what I see going on. I have seen too many "fights" already on FB and just not willing to participate there.

First, let me express that this is a tragedy. I can't help but feel the horrible hurt, anger and sadness that the family members of the wounded and murdered friends and family. I am destined to send them Healing off and on all day today.

There of course are going to be the Pro-Gun and the Anti-Gun people at it. Whichever you feel, that system is broken along with many other systems in this country. Acknowledge that instead of throwing into the face of an opponent opinion what your beliefs are. Posting a sign of understanding at the front of the buildings entrance would not have stopped this occurrence either. I realize that there could have easily been other people there with guns to "protect" themselves, but obviously it wasn't an option. Even if you would have had a gun, your chances of not shooting someone else to get to him were at least 1/50? So think about it, it's not about more or less guns, more or less laws. That system proves to be a failure on the human nature.

This kid, he is smart. If he weren't smart, he wouldn't have been studying for his PhD in neuroscience. Neuroscience is very detailed in it's agenda. So, he wasn't stupid. While meditating on it, I did get the message that there is some mental illness involved. This country, not only shuns mental illness but neglects it. He is the perfect age for his mental illness to swing into full action. Let it be known, I am NOT making excuses for him. I, with every other single person in this country, do not know all of the details of his life. His mother might have the most idea, but with him having only a speeding ticket last year, it's not like his life is noted in the records of our penal system. Maybe the judgement of his actions need to be left to the authorities and eye witnesses of those that have been traumatized by his actions.

I am very concerned however, as to why a 3 month old infant was present in a movie theater at that time of night. Our economy should not be an excuse for not being able to afford a babysitter. If they could not afford one, then maybe they needed to be mature and responsible financially and wait until they could, or it came out on video. Improvising is a good thing, but only when it makes sense. In this case, I've been in a theater when someone has brought their infant with them. It's not fair to the infant (comforts of home) nor anyone sitting around them. Did these parents know this was going to happen? Of course not. Is Batman the movie appropriate for a six year old? No, the rated PG-13. The decision of these parents was theirs alone and I don't agree with it. 

In the wake of this horrible situation, we have to allow ourselves and others to focus on the good that has/can/and will come out of this. You say "What good has come out of this?" Well, for one, they have him in custody. He could have gotten away and would have been on the loose to possibly harm others, correct? They have a suspect, it would be worse if we didn't have a clue on who did this act. Every day people present at the theater when this happened, became true heros, unlike the one being portrayed on the screen. There will be friendships created, situations studied and families pulled tighter together. 

We need to step aside from our egos, and follow through with each other for comfort and support so that we can leave the bickering behind us. Our first instinct is to make others hurt for our hurting or confusion. Put your conspiracy theories away too, that shows very little respect for anyone that was involved. That is definitely not the answer. Take this opportunity to be there for someone who needs it. Donate blood. Light a candle, pray, do what ever you do that helps your heart to heal. One of the largest and most important lessons to learn in life is that helping others, truly helping them, generally makes us feel good and helps us as well. 

May you all be safe and feel comfort in the rest of your day. My heart and much healing goes out to those hurting by this horrible event. <3

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