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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I have one in the works

But I keep changing what I'm typing. 

Things I miss:

  • Snowy days
  • Groceries in paper bags
  • Spending hours in the library
  • Needing to wear footed jammies on a Saturday morning
  • The Public pool in the summer time
  • Waking up early Summer mornings and listening to the birds chirp
  • Taking photos the first day of school
  • Playing "Spin the Bottle"
  • Friends coming to crash at my house because they'd had too much to drink
  • Nerves from a first date
  • Camping at Little Lake Alice
  • Going to a carnival
  • Going to school
  • Going to "Scotty's" and getting a cinnamon Coke
  • Saving up $14.99 in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters for a slip-n-slide
  • Sitting in bean bags in front of the fire place
  • Driving to Cheyenne for Christmas
  • Stopping at little restaurant (where you called your  order in on a phone at the table) in Kimball, Nebraska
  • Going to Dairy King to get Wagon Wheels 
  • Creeping ourselves out threatening to go to the "Lights"
  • Going to the lake and being out late under the moonlight with cute boys (lol yeah yeah)

Just a few of my favorite memories!

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