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Monday, July 1, 2013

Sometimes, I feel the most comfortable with old fashion

Yes, I know, a very odd title to a post.

For the longest time, I never believed in past lives. A lot of that was my upbringing, peers, etc. But, you know that feeling you get when you've seen something before, or been somewhere, or even someone you've just met, that you've known them somehow before. Maybe not them physically, but their spirit, their soul.

Anyway, ever since I was little, I've been fascinated with doing things slowly, by hand, from scratch, creating with what you have. For instance, I love to crochet. My paternal grandmother taught me how, but so did my mother. They both introduced me to new styles.  I don't read patterns, I create them in my head. I love the feel of doing it. I love the way it puts me in a meditative state. I love how I feel calm, content, in a hypnosis state. Mostly I love how it feels to be making something someone might really enjoy.

I love to bake from scratch. My favorite is bread, yeast bread mostly, but also Banana, Pumpkin, etc. I love eating my creation, I love smelling all of through the house.

I love a good rain storm, one that takes the electricity, so that candles and oil lamps can be lit.

I love writing a letter long hand.

I love darning socks, patching holes in clothing (creatively of course), thrifting and budgeting.

I love hanging my clothes on a line to dry.

I love to sit outside, in a the full moon light, star gazing, watching a fire.

I love camping, while I do it in an RV, I'm not at home. I'm by the lake, or in the trees. I gather, I craft, I cook, I hike, it's what people used to do for fun.

I daydream and astral travel to small cabins where TV and internet are not readily available. Where cooking on a fire stove is the norm.

Instead of daydreaming of fancy, cold houses, I'd rather enjoy the simple life.

Much <3 Moo

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