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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Looks like 3am on Saturday

So, here is a feel good post.

Last weekend was one ... hurdle after another. While, most of the time I was just like..what else (I didn't learn obviously, sorry about that Universe), I was still in good spirits. Even through a migraine, even through the heat and everything.

But, when I finally nearly broke down into a puddle of sobbing/snotty Moo'ness, it happened, there in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma.

This man, out of the kindness of his heart, without knowing who Moo is, said that he would help us. No strings required. WHO DOES THAT ANYMORE? Well.. apparently, he does, so does my friend Monica.

Monica totally adopted Mason and took absolute care of him until he was on his way to Nebraska. She will be HEAVILY rewarded. I can't even begin to thank her, even though I have, it still doesn't feel enough. I will blog about how she will be rewarded and thanked for being a kick-ass hottie!

SO anyway, this kind man has had the trailer and motorcycle at his house this week. We'll be leaving the house Saturday morning 3am to drive back up and get it.

So, to reward this gentleman (named Bill) and his wife Edith, we are taking them some Fillet Mignons for their troubles and their kindness. She sounded excited to throw them on the grill.

Repay with kindness and gratitude.

Thank you State of Oklahoma. You have been WONDERFUL!

<3 Moo

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