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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Goodwill finds..

Remember when I posted that I was going to redo the kitchen for under $100? Well, mission started.

Spent, $2.75.

Now, she needs cleaning (obviously, the dust bunnies are thick) and she needs some TLC... which I think I can fix, then, it needs painted. Yes, I said I wanted baskets and shelves on the wall.

I realize that this "theme" of wicker and hunter green metal has been overdone, but that's why I will be fixing it and painting it a different color. Not sure yet, most likely black. 

So, on a different note, this part is kind of for Katie. The 80's jumped in front of me and well, I could not resist it's temptation. I believe I had a purse like this in, you guessed it, the 80's. Yes, I am not using it. Sorry the photo is out of focus, that is what happens after taking two Benadryl. Allergies are a biatch right now.

This was my atta' girl present to myself. 

I end this post with my loving dog Wylie.. He was sitting next to me, stood up, put his rump in the air and let one. Nice, love you too dog. HAH.

<3 Moo


  1. LOVE those nice finds! We got a terrific garden chair yesterday, a few more dollars than your great find, but not a lot more.

    1. I love bargains.. I love good finds. Squee! I can't wait until we all get together again!