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Thursday, June 6, 2013

I still haven’t quite recovered from my cluster last night. While, I’m not in full cluster, it’s still there. Hopefully it will release soon.

While, I took a lot of medication last night, I was on a mission. I am in a craft exchange project, and, as I usually do, I had this magnificent idea, and then I dreamed my way through the project. It is something that I have never attempted before (okay that is a lie, but when I tried it I hadn’t watched any tutorials on it and failed miserably) so I was excited to get started.

After watching a few Youtube videos on the subject, I felt confident that I had enough information as a starting point, with tips, hints and tricks to get me well on my way to processing this grand idea that keeps floating through my grey matter, rather relentlessly. I recognize the fact that whenever I am a part of these craft exchanges, I put so much time and energy into it; because I want whatever I make to thrill them without fail (it really is THAT important to me).

I bet I worked on this one part of the craft off and on for five hours. Now, you might say to yourself “Why in the Hell would you spend that much time?” there are a few reasons as to why.  (Mind you, I was on some pretty strong meds, focusing was an issue,  etc.)  I enjoy doing things like this. I enjoy taking on the challenge. If I fail, it’s OK but if I succeed, I’m in ecstasy.  When I needed a break from the tedious eye work, I set it down and did chores (dishes, laundry, etc.). I was getting the endorphin high so it wasn’t sometime unpleasant, it was literally FUN!

I think with more practice (something I am willing to take on and truly want to do) I could improve greatly, and could potentially make this into another income.

I bet you are noticing right now, and possibly grumbling a little about the fact that I haven’t shown photos or explained what this is. Yes. There is a reason! The recipient of this original ONE of a KIND (or OOAK termed by very talented artists) project reads this blog! (*waves, Hi Donna!) so I can’t give it away. Unfortunately, she has already received far too many teasers (including this post) and I don’t want to be cruel, but I had to write about it and share with all of you.

I do solemnly swear to post photos (after she receives it and sees it first) and share it with all of you. Our due date is by next month, and I kept saying (because that’s how I truly felt in the beginning) that I would need that entire month, but I don’t think I will. Some other avenues have presented themselves (I’m very sure with the help of my spirit guides) so my options have broadened. (yay me!)

I will add here, the people whom I watched perform this art were amazing. They’ve found their groove, they’ve defined their assets in this design and I have a lot of respect for them. I can only hope that someday in the near future, I will possess and display as much talent as they have.

Have a beautiful Thursday; Friday is just around the corner. Much love!

<3 Moo


  1. I only have one word to comment here.............. TEASE! <3