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Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh Beautiful Friday

There will be sweet relief today, special meds to help. This also means, most likely, I will be out of commission most of the weekend, maybe not. All I care about is getting through this mass of stress and pain and get to the happy go lucky Moo again. I’m not as bad as I have been, but I need to just get through it to feel the good on the other side.

Just hearing the word “Friday” has lifted my spirits. After last week being a short week, this one seemed like a month long. Work has been hectic and I know that is a lot of what triggered this crap. Secretly (and maybe not so much now after posting it here) I have been telling the Universe that I need change with my career. After 13 years, I really don’t feel appreciated, I’m not the squeaky wheel that management seems to be so afraid of, so I get taken advantage of, looked over, underestimated and I’m really tired of it.
Companies want dedicated workers, and gripe about overturn and lack of work ethics, yet, when someone is a constant for them, reliable and trustworthy; they simply won’t acknowledge that in a worker. I’ll stop there before I get all worked up again.

Tomorrow we get the new back fence. I’m keeping some of the wood for crafts (as the wood is from 1982 and it is the perfect “barn wood” look) for myself and my mother. I wish I could keep more but that is just not logical. While Stuart is at home, maybe I will venture out and hit a few garage sales. I could invite my mother over (she loves garage sales more than *I* do) and we could make a day of it. She hasn’t come over and just enjoyed Moo time for quite a while. She’s been too busy trying to take care of my step-dad, Randy. He could come too, spend the day with Stuart watching manflicks, and mom and I could go out shopping! I could look for more goodies at a good price for the kitchen.

 Speaking of the kitchen, I advised Stuart of my decision, and while he appreciated the “Under $100” part, he put his hand up and with sass said “Talk to the Hand”. Basically I’ll be on my own, but that is OK because I’m excited about it!

Well, my project for the craft exchange.. believe it or not is almost finished.. I’m excited and will be probably (possibly) mailing it out on Monday. Far cry from me thinking it was going to take all month! (Ya’ see that Donna? LOL)

Enjoy today, be safe this weekend. Enjoy those that hold you up and stick with you.

<3 Moo

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