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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How Little Some Things Mean to Others..

Tuesday. It was a busy day.

Around lunch time, everything turned topsy-turvy. Let me explain.

Back in April, I received an email from a customer, explaining that one of their very respected and loved members of management had unexpectedly passed away. I had met this person only once, but he was a very nice man.

I contacted my sales rep, and we discussed sending his wife a plant (I have a hard time sending flowers, they don't last long, a plant can be something beautiful for years) with our sympathies. He made the arrangements and that was the last we'd heard.

So, here I am around lunchtime at work, and a phone call comes through to my extension. I pick it up, and a very sweet woman on the other end says she's looking for a mailing address to send thank you cards to him and myself. She didn't realize that I was the Melissa she was looking for.

I explained that I was one of who she was looking for, and I told her that I was sincerely sorry for her loss. She started crying which in turn made me start to cry.

I asked for her number, told her I would regain my composure, and find his mailing address to his house (where he works out of) and return her call.

After hanging up, I called the sales rep and let him in on what was going on. I asked if he wanted to call her back, and he didn't feel he could handle her tears, especially since he had never met the man that had passed.

I regained my composure, and called her back. The return call was even harder than the first. She apologized for not doing this sooner, and I assured her that there was no time line on mourning and tears for the loss of a loved one.

She dropped another heart-wrencher, they had lost their son about six months before her husband passed. That is a LOT for anyone to go through. My heart really went out to her.

After hanging up, I advised a manger. What they said (and I won't go into it here) was not only RUDE and HEARTLESS, it was rather offensive. Apparently "Sensitivity Training" is not for management. I am not only disgusted with this person, I have lost what little respect I have for them in the first place.

What I am trying to say here, people all over this country, this world, are selfish and conceited, that's a sad fact. They will do anything to A) get them to the top B) make them look good and C) make people believe they are something they really aren't.

Someone said the other day that it sounded like I was being drained by a psychic vampire, and I think she's right. I had that initial thought about about a week ago, but I dismissed it, well, considering current events with friends, I believe there are three women, Ladean, Teresa and Lisa that in portraying to the world how "Love and Light" they are, secretly are performing evil little ditties to people they don't like.

Fair enough. What they don't realize, there are MANY more than those three simpletons who know so much more than they do, that would help myself, and the others they are attacking. Plain and simple.

Now, I did mention names, but I didn't mention last names, and while one name is "unique" she is not the only one with this name. Therefore, what I type here, can not be held against me. In other words, prove it.

I'm not into retaliation (like they are) but I am all for protection and others learning a lesson. Besides, one of these days, these people are going to get the fact that they are not important. Not to me. Not to the people they have discarded. I waited it out, people are finding out the truth. Actually, they are often mocked. I know it should, but that does kind of amuse me.

So, since I had my day to me today, and did crafts, watched mushy movies, and overall just had a Moo day, regardless of the Retrograde, I'm feeling the changes, and they are good.

By the way, I received this hand (I believe crocheted) bag.. right now, it has my Healing stones in it. Thank you Katie, it is perfect and very beautiful!

I feel a glass of vino in my future, like, just before bed.

Much love! <3