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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dreams And Other Events..

I've been fascinated with dreams for a good part of my life (that's a pretty long time if you ask me). Believe it or not, I rarely have nightmares, which makes me thankful beyond expression. I've had a few dreams that involved the death of loved ones, but usually, if I have a bad dream, it's because I'm sick physically, then, I dream of food chasing me to make me eat it (laughing), usually when I am trying not to throw up. Yes, I know, I'm an odd duck.

So, what made me so interested in them? Well, I can contribute it to several factors. The first factor, I noticed when I would dream and remember them as a child (I'm going to say around the age of 6 or 7) that I would have magnificent episodes of deja vu, a lot. The first time that it happened, I stood there for a very long time trying to understand how it had all happened.

I had dreamed that I had explored an old landed boat (not very large) amongst numerous thin but dense trees. This boat was old and dirty but there was a number of things that needed rescuing on this boat. (When I say rescuing, it really meant that I was destined to find them, and take them to someone else that was supposed to use them.) It as that summer, probably a good 4 months later that I did come across a boat, on land, among trees. I'd seen it all before, it was happening exactly as I had dreamed it. I had that dream enough times, to remember it 34 years later, vividly. That dream is one of many.

The other night, I asked to remember my dreams because I hadn't the last few days. I hadn't astral traveled in a few days and hadn't done anything but sleep and sleep heavily. I wanted to reconnect with my dreams again.

It started off that I was at a "fun park" of sorts. Not the kind that had clowns (thank heavens) but it was some sort of entertainment and fun place that was very nice and clean. For some reason, I ended up near the edge of the park, which oddly enough had a drop off. This drop off wasn't huge, but I would say 15-20 feet down. I looked over the edge, and there were people trying to climb up this edge. They would get to a certain point but could never climb over. They did look rather desperate but didn't seem to notice me looking down at them. I was extremely concerned, were they hungry? Cold? Scared? What was it that that was driving them to want up into this park?

Here's the odd part, I could walk around to the left, and it was a hill that led down to where they were all trying to climb. I was down with them, I could see the straight up angle making there no way for people to get up. They still didn't seem to be seeing me even though I was very close to them. If I had to guess, I would say there were at least 50 people there trying to climb. I walked back up the hill and around to the top of the cliff and looked down at them again. My dog Wiley seemed to have managed to climb up and was suddenly there. I picked him up and walked away. It was as if there was nothing I could do to help (even though I'm a helper to a fault especially in dreams or astral traveling). it wasn't much longer before I woke up.

I realize that this statement sounds beyond far fetched, but, I honestly believe I have fought battles in other Universes, times, even planets. I've discussed events and things with people that have told me I am a dream warrior. It doesn't mean that I actually fight, as I never do. I go, someone is always with me (it's always a man who never speaks with me, the men are always different, but always protect me silently) he's there to guide me, when I get there, I'm always helping Beings, creatures, never part of the war but always doing Healings and I guess doing things like hiding Beings for safety. I guess it's hard to explain, you will just have to trust me on this.

So the girl I have been seeing for the last week, she is not longer alive. I can tell you details that I have no recollection of every knowing who she is. Her hair is a soft reddish-blond, comes down to the bottom of her neck line, but is layered so that her softly curled hair has volume. She has a fair complexion but very faint freckles. Her eyes change between light blue and soft green. She was sometimes shy with people she didn't know, if I had to age her I would say she's between 8 and 12 years old. She has a small scar on her upper lip, very small, that has faded to hardly noticeable. I don't know who she is, but I see her around rocks... large rocks. I can't tell you what is going on with her, or why I keep seeing her. I would imagine there's a reason. I haven't just seen her in dreams though, and that is even harder to explain.

I have found myself scrying without trying. I know, that kind of rhymed but I didn't mean for it to. I used to easily scry when I was younger, as I have this amazing fascination with fire (and always have) and used to stare at it, seeing things and situations. Since (and I found out this is less "special" than I thought) I can control one eye (my left in this case) so amazingly easily, it allows me to "relax" both to the state of scrying by just relaxing both to a non-focus state. The other day at work, I found myself "scrying" while waiting for a job to process through our computer system. I was off-focus staring at the grey material on my cubicle wall and saw her again. I would imagine, over the last 8 days, I have seen her a minimum of 13 times.

The more information I get on her I will share it here (and if YOU know something or get something by all means send me a message at I can't be sure of her name but I get a Jamie or a nick name that fits to that line. Trust me, I wish all the time that I had a sketch artist friend that could draw her for me!



  1. I wish I remembered more of my dreams, the ones I do are really really cool. Especially the beach and the water, its like pure energy and electric blue and purple, sometimes familiar faces and sometimes friends but almost every time the scenario and scenery changes. I wanna call it my home planet :))

    1. That is awesome! Water is ALWAYS a pure source of energy! Maybe you need to set a digital recorder by your bed so that you can instantly turn it on and start rambling off??

  2. I believe that would be a good idea, but it is RARE I wake up and remember anything.. funny thing is the last dream I remember was a little weird, the weekend after the dream... my fiend that was in it actually asked me to go to the beach and mentioned in the process ALL the things that stood out in the dream, from being left at the beach to taking the bus home LOL, I really should have gone to the beach that night with them but worked hard that afternoon and was worn out.. I may never know if I took the bus home LOL

    1. Boy, doesn't the phrase "What If" drive you absolutely MAD sometimes???

  3. Yes it does!!! but oh well, I hope it happens again, because it was so cool the way it all fell into place! I only told one person about the dream and she doesn't really talk to the other person. I wish I wasnt so tired that night just to find out, I think I would have freaked out a tad and would have been texting you at oh dark thirty LOL LOL