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Monday, June 4, 2012

My Definition of Beauty

What is your definition of beautiful? Can you narrow it down to an exact science or are there too many factors involved in your explanation? Does it boil down to only what is pleasing to the eyes or do you figure in the feeling you get deep in your spirit? Maybe it is something you haven’t sat down to consider or even contemplate, if so, that’s a shame, because there are beautiful things that slip through life’s cracks every single day.

I have a loose definition of beauty, not because I’m wishy-washy about what I believe is beautiful, but because it changes often and I can’t keep up. Learning new things about people can be a beautiful thing. This is where I introduce you to two beautiful people, sisters, twins, and proudly so, my friends. Chinhee and Sunhee Park.

They have articles written about them all of the time (deservingly so). People meet them and love to write about them, sharing with the world how wonderful they really are. I am no different; I want to share my side of the story with you. Take to heart they have no idea I am doing this. It isn’t anything except an acknowledgement of their talents, their beauty and how I see their personal contributions to our society and frankly this earth.

Let it be known here, I have never met these girls in person. They live in another state and the last opportunity to meet them, the timing was all off. At that time, I also didn’t know them like I do now (and trust me, I don’t know everything about them, but I have read words about them, I have interacted with them, heard their voices, felt their energy) so my missed opportunity was a great loss on my part, I assure you.

 Now, for the superficial part of beauty, these ladies are adorable, their smiles are infectious, seriously! When they are laughing and it’s caught on film, their entire faces light up with such beauty and radiate happiness to the extent of making the viewer smile as well. In trying to set aside the inside from the outside, they each have their own styles in dressing and make their entire packages, as stated above, adorable.

I received a sound clip of them doing a radio promotion spot for a show they were going to be on, and I bet I have listened to it at least 50 times, because, they both laugh and joke and again, that’s contagious. Every time I listen to it I giggle like a school child hearing dirty words on the playground. It is a large endearing quality to the point that they are personally connecting to souls listening to them. Their humor and their personalities only heighten their beauty I assure you.

Another aspect of their beauty, all that they have been through in order to get to this important time in their lives. To say that it was rough is an understatement and frankly an insult to those that have read about their endeavors. However, how they are now, reflects all of the GOOD they have deep inside them, and they share that over and over again with so many.

They are also very detailed psychics and trust me they are extremely good and accurate in what they share. They have helped people with so many different issues of life, they will not lie about it nor will they sugarcoat what they see. Their gifts include nearly every range of the metaphysical and supernatural spectrum studied and observed by mankind. Each of them talented in her own way, together, phenomenal. This also (and unfortunately) subjects them to evils of others and their jealous for these ladies, hate and discrimination. I think that is what hurts me the most; the others that would rather spread their negativity instead of embrace their individuality. These ladies spread love and encouragement; they share their struggles as stepping stools for others to get through their own issues.

They don’t focus on other’s hate; their focal point is on the issues that affect them the most. They put their heart and soul into organizations and movements they believe in. They continually move forward, picking up those who need it along the way. They accept those who will not judge them or do them harm (a survival skill we all possess and should utilize every chance we get).

In my personal opinion, these ladies are the epitome of true beauty. I have many friends that fall into this category, and I plan on writing about them as well. I started off with Sunhee and Chinhee because I don’t think that they know how much I admire them, and I do. I read about them and always experience a wide range of emotions, too many to mention here. I respect them, and their gifts, and am truly blessed to get to know more about them each day.

If you ever want to learn more about them, buy a reading from them or just see their smiling faces, go to Explore their website and read the interviews they’ve done. Allow yourself the opportunity to see the real them.

Much love to you ladies, I think you are absolutely WONDERFUL and you deserve BEAUTIFUL and amazing things in your life! Thank you for who you are and ALL that you do!

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