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Monday, October 29, 2012

But it's the truth!

Here I am. I am home, happy, and ready to type it all up, being with Robyn for a week, up in New York, has made me want to write, no really sit down and write. She is an amazing inspiration like that, in so many ways. Let me detail this out for you.

We’ve all had our issues from time to time. I sat down and did a five card reading for Robyn and well, it really did lay out all of what has been happening, will happen and is bound to happen. I do enjoy sitting down and doing tarot, but to be honest, I’m still getting the hang of it (learning it), and I’d rather rely on my intuition and Empathy as opposed to relying on the cards for information.

I understand that there are some amazing tarot card readers, but most I have noticed rely too much on what the cards say. It’s nearly an impersonal reading of something that shows little to no emotions. But, in doing this reading for Robyn, we talked in detail about it, and that part was very personal. She used her intuition as well and it made for a very detailed reading.

I won’t go into detail about her reading, as it’s not any of my business to share, but I can say, some of her reading I honestly believe included me in which she agreed. In that aspect, we are on our way to things greater than even we imagined, that excites us both.

Of course, there wasn’t enough time to spend in New York with Robyn. I was lucky that I made it back home before Hurricane Sandy moved closer inland. Wednesday of course was spent traveling (flights) until at least 2pm Eastern time, but after that, we did everything that we could. Robyn is such an amazing host. I don’t think people get the chance to get to know her, as they would be surprised. Being jealous of her and treating her like crap only shows the downfalls and immaturity of the people that treated her that way. They know who they are, and they might even be reading this post. If so, you know who you are.

I have noticed (and expressed it to Robyn) that we complement each other in our spirituality and metaphysical events. We are like conduits to and for each other. I don’t think that happens that much in friendships, whether it’s about paranormal investigating, writing or just our views and opinions expressed to each other. On our Thursday travels via first class on the train, we met an older gentleman (named Bill) that said “Are you two sisters or do you just love each other like sisters”? He didn’t know us but he could feel the connection that the two of us have. It isn’t forced, it comes naturally. I think possibly from the very first time I met Robyn; I knew that we were a lot alike. Even in talking with Robyn about us being so alike (and yet different in a few ways) how the saying “Opposites attract” really doesn’t ring true in most cases. We took a picture with Bill, we’ll have to see how it turned out and we’ll post it.

Then, we also met Tatiana at the Metaphysical store, she was wonderful! She talked to us like she’d known us all of her life, Robyn, and the very kind heart that she has, gave her a pair of homemade dowsing rods that she LOVED and felt so humbled in receiving. Robyn is going to keep up with her and her dowsing experiences. Suffice it to say that we made yet another very adored friend in our travels. When we are together, we seem to attract true natured people. I love that about our friendship.

(There are so many things I want to type; I need to remember them all!). You KNEW we were going to do investigations (paranormal) while we were together. The cemeteries there were from the late 1700’s (and pretty different than any of those here in Texas). Late one night (just before midnight?) we went to one that was out in the country, and got an amazing EVP of a man telling us his name was “Chuck”. We couldn’t see the headstones because it was so dark, and after going home to Google the names there, they didn’t come up with a Chuck or a Charles, however, the next day we arbitrarily drove by the very same cemetery and pulled in during daylight. Approximately 10 feet away from as far as the car could go; there was the headstone of a Charles (with a son named Chad). What a wonderful confirmation! (Soon to find out one of many we would experience while together in New York!)

The same night we came back from the cemetery, we went to bed very late (reading, investigating, etc). I was nearly asleep (in one of the most comfortable beds, rooms, etc. that any guest could even begin to ask for!) when I heard a woman moaning just inside my door (on my right side). It was not Robyn, as she was asleep behind a closed door with her dogs. It was no one inside the house. I opened my eyes, and tried to look over towards the door (even though the room was very dark) but couldn’t see anything (more on another night in a bit). In the morning I did tell Robyn that about what happened, confirming yet another bout of events that happened to Robyn previously in that exact room while she was getting it ready for my stay. (I truly do love confirmations!).

Do you kind of see where this is all going? People take for granted that Robyn is just someone they can try and manipulate, but that is not true. She does not take crap from anyone, and that is a good thing! She is kind, she is snarky, and she is EXTREMELY intelligent! She knows how to think outside of the box, she is creative and can out think a lot of people I know. Her talent truly can’t be measured as it is all over the board. She doesn’t have to copy someone else to try and be better than them because she’s already there. People try to copy her to be like her but then are upset with her because they can’t compare. She is a master dowser (if you ask me) and an EVP magnet (if you also ask me), and yet she can find humor in so many things. She doesn’t try to define herself by her abilities, her show or even or talents. So many people (I will refrain from using the names in particular) treat her like crap because they are beyond jealous of her (Robyn, that was the bottom card (the “reason” card) remember?)

Expect to see some exciting things from us in the future. I am so unbelievably lucky to have “found” Robyn. I can’t even begin to express or verbalize what she means to me. She truly is a sister to me. To all the haters, you can SUCK IT!

Thank you Robyn for the amazing week vacation in your beautiful home, in your beautiful little town, and for spoiling me ROTTEN with all of the food, the fun and the excitement!  Love you girl!!  

(PS- I am lucky to have a LOT of friends that are this important to me! I need to write about them as well!)


  1. I adored having you in my home! We had SO much fun. As for the "haters," its funny that I didn't realize they existed… as in not on my radar. LOL We have many great things ahead. I love you so much!

  2. I'm glad you didn't, sorry I brought them to light..BAD MOO! lol