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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lucid Dream Analysis

I don’t often share my dreams, but, I wanted to share this one. It was a lucid dream and below you’ll see why.

First, I’ll say that I meditated myself to sleep with binary beats. I cannot tell you how long the ear buds stayed in until I flung them out of my ears in my sleep. I will say I probably fell asleep around 11:30pm and woke up at 2:31am.

I was not at home, nor was I anywhere I recognized the environment or the beings. I do remember seeing some taller hills, grass, trees and small puddles of water. The odd thing, I was standing amongst this entire earthly atmosphere, however, there were cubbies inside the hills/mountains that were vending/concessions, for like coffee, mixed drinks, snacks, there was what seemed to be a small convenience store, and office buildings. It was like a strip mall only into the side of the mountain.

I can’t tell you why I was there, or why I didn’t have an ounce of family in view. There are times when I astral travel to places that are in complete chaos and I seem to be there as a Healer, helper, never a fighter. Usually when I do that, I have a male presence with me, that I’ve never met, that never speaks, but protects me with his very life to help others. He did not seem to be present this time.

People were scared and running around, I thought I recognized one person, but it must have been from another life, as I couldn’t recollect any information about them. She was an older female, and she was part of a militant operation. She was in plain clothing and trying to help others, so I joined her in trying to help others around me.

Parts of the mountain began to fall, and I watched it crush one man before I could get him out of the way. I generally don’t see death so close and up front as I did  last night, but it was the end of that world.

On counters and even large table-like rocks there were tall and narrow medication bottles (I’d say 4 1/2”) full of at least forty pills. That’s a lot of pills. They all looked a little different but were white in color. It was my assumption (before being told by this unknown lady I was helping) that they were suicide pills so that people wouldn’t suffer through the end of the world.     

I remember seeing THOUSANDS of these bottles, and being so torn as to what was going on. Again, you have to remember, this to me didn’t seem like earth, it seemed like another land, possibly planet. While the beings seemed like people, I do believe it was how I perceived them. Remember, everyone was running around very scared and panicked, it didn’t start out that way, but was quickly developing into the ruckus before me.

Would we be saving them only for everyone to parish regardless? Were we trying to save people that had already taken the pills? How long were the pills to take effect? Could it be that taking the pills would cause one to ascend before possibly a painful death, be it slow or fast? I remember the lady I was with taking the pills before even explaining to me what they were. She encouraged me to take them, without uttering a word, seems most things there were communicated through telepathy. She then told me that they were suicide pills but that they would not work on everyone. Was I included in everyone? How long before we would know?

Another panicked lady pointed out the fact that the puddles of water were boiling with acid (I sure do have a lot of dreams that include acid!), the earth (I say earth but the ground and mountains) were quaking, I never did see any animals, but it was after what I could only grasp as dusk, so I’m sure that made everything seem compounded in pressure and stress.

After taking the pills (40 is a lot at one time), I was encouraged mentally to run around and try and gather all of the bottles I could get and give them to people, unfortunately, most of them had nothing to swallow them with, and were popping them into their mouths while they were running. I would imagine where I was, was considered some sort of city, but it was pretty small. Being responsible however for these scared beings in front of me was surreal.

I remember recognizing the fact that the pills didn’t seem to work on me. The lady that I was, I guess a side kick to was fading fast. It was more of just falling asleep, and she was becoming slower and weaker by the moment. I on the other hand felt no effect, of course I had taken them a short while after she did, but I remember not even considering the fact that I was most likely going to die, only that I had to help so many people (and really it wasn’t that many in looking back).

It was at that time that I was standing pretty much in the middle of the city, everything was quaking and crumbling around me, I could hear the sizzling sounds of the boiling acid puddles, but that I still had this huge armful (in my shirt as well) of full medicine bottles … and I woke up.

Rarely do I wake up as much as I did this morning, I generally wake up and can roll over and fall back to sleep. Unfortunately Stuart was snoring loudly enough that I got up, let the dogs out (and back in) and fell asleep in the living room on a recliner.

I almost feel like I failed the task at hand. Maybe I was meant to do what I did while I was there and come back when I did. Maybe it felt like the pills weren’t working but really, it was a way to get me to wake up and “come back”.

This was all so very detailed.

PS- when I first started meditating in bed, with my eyes closed, and very still (and very comfortable), I kept seeing cobalt blue orbs and deep violet orbs blink sporadically. These were pressure lights, these were brilliant bright lights (possibly being sparked by my mind and the state I was in), I’ve never experienced that quite as intense as that before.

Have a fabulous Thursday!


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