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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How Can You Deny What You Feel?

And yet, another writing, I can’t help it, it’s in my blood. I must type to not only share, but to express thoughts that are inside of me that some of you would understand without me typing it up, yet, are swallowed by my words regardless and enjoy the insight.

It didn’t take me long to fall asleep last night, that in itself is very unusual. I did ask my spirit guides to be on call and ready because I did want to astral travel to where the storms were and help where I could. I think that probably instigated nearly instant sleep.

I do remember feeling very cold, and wet, and being surrounded by darkness. I helped people and animals alike. There were a lot of elderly that needed help, mostly to get to higher parts of their house, and some that had no electricity in their apartments. Animals were having a very hard time not only keeping warm but dry.

It’s easy to joke about natural disasters. It’s disheartening when you see a minister say that the reason people are being hit by Sandy is because they are gay, or support gay couples and marriage equality. ( I can’t change idiots like this man, but I can help anyone in my path regardless of their social status, income or political/religious beliefs.

I feel very tired today, as most of the night I was working (and as you know, working in water, cold, and lifting people really zaps your energy). I know that some of you will read this and say “Astral travel really doesn’t happen) and of course that is your right to believe. I can tell you details about last night, for instance. This older lady and her cat, were in their little house. The water hadn’t come in yet, but it was going to. I helped her upstairs, covering them with blankets, and ran back downstairs only to lift her treasures off the floor, or run them upstairs. I can tell you her carpet looked like this ( and her furniture was old-ish and precious to her. She had two high back chairs that I carried upstairs, along with vases, photos (in frames), a wicker chest that she used as a coffee table and a small end table. That was just in the living room. Her tiny kitchen table was small enough to put on one of the counters, and the chairs believe it or not I could fit in the sink (the legs) to keep them from getting wet. I rolled up a small rug and put it upstairs with her, and told her I had to go. She was so frightened, but I hugged her and pet her cat and they had each other when I left.

Along my travels I can remember helping a runaway teen get into an empty building, a first responder take an elderly couple to a shelter (they were in their cars trying to evacuate), and help calm some children that were afraid when hearing the exploding transformers. I never had to find the people that needed help, I was always placed exactly where I needed to be. My guides helped me a lot, and believe it or not, I saw a lot of other people out there, that were only there in spirit, helping. I even had the feeling that some of them were not from this time, this dimension, or even this planet.

I think I needed this experience as much as these people needed the help. I think people will always take the time to point out my faults, or even make up faults to deter people from getting to know me. If there is one thing that I never take lightly, it’s helping others. I will always (and always have) stand for those that can’t stand for themselves. I will always extend a hand, an offer. In those times, I might be rejected or even broken down, but I will never stay that way. I will always rise above their pettiness and be there for those that want and need my help. That is how I was raised. That is how I was born.

While, there are going to be many things you are upset about, whether it be politics, religion, hurtful people, situations, etc, think about this. We have an obligation to rise above those hurts to help others. If you needed help, I would hope that someone would step up and show you the same courtesy. Sometimes even the smallest of “help” can change the hearts hardened by even the toughest of reactions. How about the offer of a coat, blanket, bottle of water, the offer of a shoulder, a hug, holding a hand or even just listening without judgment, tell me those very small gestures don’t end up meaning something enough to someone to make them cry.

You were placed on this earth for a purpose as well. What is your purpose? What is your destiny? Do yourself a big favor, think about what you can do, and pay it forward. You will feel better for doing so, and who know, you might even meet someone following your same path.

Much love and still comfort, safety and warmth to those that suffered much damage this October storm of 2012.


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