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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Absorbing all that concerns me..

(Unpublished April 21, 2011)

I am sitting here and I'm watching my kids. They have done wonders with very little. In my "previous' life, there were people that felt they needed to judge my kids and their life, because of their personal beliefs, possibly their inability to have children of their own, or whatever reason they deemed necessary. They were also the people that spread gossip, barked their beliefs out loud then pointed their pudgy little fingers calling everyone else white trash. Those people, they don't matter.. at all.. really to anyone. IF they only knew the people laughing and pointing at them now.

Spending time here has been serene. There's been kisses and laughter, good food, fun times, and memories. I can smile and remember every ounce of my seconds here. I have learned perseverance is key in so many aspects of life. In your personal life, in your relationships, in your beliefs.. think about it. After spending precious moments with my son, daughter and grandson, I feel I can accomplish anything. Hurtful words people have (and still do) whisper behind my back, they are mere words, they are expressions of their lack of confidence, their lack of maturity and shows their infantile demeanor.

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