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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I haven't blogged in awhile

(Not published from July 8, 2012).. Wow.. Postingpolooza! :D

So it's time for me to sit down and let it all out. Since this page is about my awareness, I think I'll write about that.

Spirituality is a very personal journey. I realize that is a word that is just overused and abused, but, it is a journey. You can only go as fast as you are destined to go. Never let anyone make you feel inferior if you take longer or proceed faster than others. I've known many people that portray it as THEY are the only ones that are correct, know it all, and have all the answers. That is simply not true. Regardless of how confident they appear. You take your steps as you need, to get you to  your place of awareness.

Lately, I've been really concentrating the Healing of my knee, but I've also been doing a LOT of Healings (more so than normal). I feel it its because of all that is going on spiritually, metaphysically and the fact that people are going through issues like awakening, loneliness, negative behavior, betrayal.

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