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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Is there enough room? I have a lot to "talk" about..

(For some reason, this was never "published" from back in July).. Enjoy. <3

Not sure where to begin. I know I know, from the beginning, but there really isn't a beginning, and most likely no ending in the near future as well.

I have issues, opinions, thoughts, feelings, worries, and I have a right to express them. If you are going to read this, and open your mouth to spew hate, or try and make me look like a fool, no need to reply. Those days are nearly over, including family. The world does not revolve around you so zip it.

I'm aware of people that don't like me. I can't please everyone, and that is fine by me. I love making people happy, and I love to see them smile, but I'm older than 16 so it's OK that I rub some people the wrong way. I think it's amusing that some of them "stick" around for whatever reason. Remove yourself already, it's very obvious that you want to.

So, let's see. I had a dream the other day, that I went to a Jewish funeral/wedding. Odd I know, I thought so too. For some odd reason, I dreamt that all the Jewish mothers refused to look/acknowledge/talk to their daughters and it angered me. A coworker that I never dream about was there, and she was trying to explain to me what was going on. What I didn't know is, a few hours after I dreamed about her, she broke her leg in real life. *facepalm*. I'm amused how quickly all of this is happening to me, but the irony and synchronicities are cracking me up.

So, even more so, I dreamt about the shooting in Aurora. I wasn't there but I felt and saw the chaos. I felt the terror, the darkness, the panic, worry. I don't have the answers, neither do any of you. But the way I saw it, even if someone else had a gun, there would have been no way to shoot at him. It was dark, there was screaming, and my eyes hurt from the tear gas. I'm not saying there's no need for guns, and I'm not asking to have them taken away from the general public. So, stop putting words into the mouths of those that aren't yours. Stop calling people stupid because they don't see things the way you do. Again, it's time for people to pull together, not pull apart. Stop shoving your opinions down everyone else's throat. We get it already.

While I'm writing about the shooting, I agree about the three gentlemen that protected the loves of their lives being heros, but, I think there were more heros there that day. Those that survived and were able to get their families out as well, they deserve recognition as well. Stop long enough to consider the horrors the survivors are going to endure. Activate your Empathy and let go of your ego, long enough to just... consider.

So, lately I have been having memories pop up about people, situations, places, events, you name it, I'm probably thinking about it. Here's a few some of you might understand, most won't. To me, they are glorious.

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