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Sunday, April 21, 2013

She slowly walks out of the kitchen..

She has just seen something that she can not unsee. Her heart is heavy, and her step, cumbersome. How will she move forward from this moment on. How will the rest of her day play out. Her head is swirling with "what if's" and they are overwhelming her.

She sits down on the couch, slithers into the overstuffed fabric to digest what just happened. Things like this are not supposed to happen to good people. Things like this should not happen to her. There was nothing on her Karma logs that would warrant a tragedy of this nature. How was she going to move on.

One dog, then another, lie next to her, trying to console her sadness. They can feel it and the love her enough to try and help the pain go away. They look up at her with sad, knowing eyes, and she look down at them in a loving fashion. She has tears rolling down her face, and her breath is taken away for a brief moment. Her third dog looks up at her from the floor.

She doesn't feel like even getting dressed, or showering, or even eating. She has no appetite, and she can feel a headache coming on. She thinks she will just curl up into a ball and wait to fall asleep.

The plastic carafe of her Keurig has broken and there is no more coffee.

HEHEH I did make bacon so it was nom, but my poor poor Keurig.

Burial will be at 2:00 today, in my back yard. I will play TAPS with my mouth (if I have the energy). All donations can go a shelter for animals near you ;)


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