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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Moments of clarity

Any time I experience something new, I enjoy sharing it. Sometimes I can’t go into details, but express what I can. I am about to give you a visualization into a meditation I experienced last night.

I meditate more now than I ever have in my life. It helps to slow my body down (not always my mind), it helps to regulate my demeanor, sparks ideas for creation, but it also sheds light on situations that might be bothering me, even if I don’t think that it is. Let me explain.

Most recently, I was very disappointed in some people. That of course is my problem, because one was only being who they are, using the only mental capacity they’ve been given, allowing limitations to hinder their very actions towards others. They displayed classic signs of jealousy and struck like a venomous snake at a friend of mine.

I of course took it very personally.

While I snarked and pretended it didn’t matter to me or for that fact bother me, (for who had said it was merely a social reject) deep down it really did, because this was a person that was supposed to be a friend to the very person that she attacked and ridiculed in public. Friends don’t do that to other friends (even though I’ve experienced the very same thing with “friends”).

The more I thought about it though, the more I was disappointed in a mutual friend of the two said friends mentioned above.  It is a very selfish act of conspiring because of jealous feelings, instead of being an adult and feeling happy for someone (like they’ve received many times from both parties) they felt betrayed and inferior.

So while I was taking all of this personally (kind of without even really realizing it), obviously my spirit guides were creating this magnificent 8mm movie for me to observe while in meditation. They were able to lay it out so that I could see everything that was designated for my information but also that was intended for the attacked friend above.

Both of us are in a place in our lives where the small, irritable things (and people) no longer matter. Bring into your circle the things that you love and the things that matter the most to you. We knew there would be jealous, and we honestly thought it wouldn’t affect us but it did, both of us, even though we didn’t express it to each other past the ignition shock.

During my meditations, which ended up being extremely deep and probably one of the most serene feeling meditations I have ever experienced, I wasn’t angry any longer. I was shown things about myself and my friend that make these childish actions by others insignificant.

As for direct information about myself, I was show that I need to do more hands on Healing. I was surprised on how much it nurtured my own spirit and inner-being.

I wouldn’t change these experiences for anything.

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