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Friday, May 3, 2013

Happiness is a $10 pair of Pants

I know that sounds odd, but, in reality, they started out as $110 jeans. They are neutral colored jeans; they are soft, stretchy pants by Kenneth Cole. Mmm. I realize that they are a little bit bigger than I need.
I realize that I had to wash and dry the tar out of them in order for them to fit, but I can move and breath and bend and dance (as if I danced) comfortably, they thin me out, they give me sexy curves, and they put a bounce in my step. (How is this possible all from a pair of pants?)
Well, thrifting is an art, really it is. Yesterday I was watching an episode of wife swap (normally I refuse to watch reality shows like that because I despise confrontation), it was this episode here: Wife Swap Hippie and Princess
So the prissy woman was SO cruel, and unkind in her words, now mind you, the words sometimes the “hippie” used could be also as unkind but that’s what reality TV consists of. Anyway, the hippies liked their life.

They were proud to go to the thrift store and leave with their goodies only paying $6.41 (how I remember that amount I can’t say). I’m not that tight, I use electricity, I bathe every day, I don’t share the same water, but I do love a good bargain, and, if I look good doing so, all the better I say.

So, these were purchased for the cruise. They should be perfect to stroll through (hopefully) Mendenhall Ice Caves in Juneau, Alaska on May 14th.

Of course I’m wearing them today, you know, to test out the waters. I think I’m going to be very pleased. And that my friends, is how happiness, is derived from a $10 pair of pants.

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