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Sunday, September 15, 2013

All the Beautiful People

A few things have come to light over the past few days. Some days when I'm spiritually open and am presented with these small (and large) things I feel a wash of humility come over me. I'll share that here with you.

On Friday night, my friend Robyn and I do a show. It's not a regular internet radio show, it's meant to be fun, make people laugh, spend time with others that don't want pretensions, they want fun and 8 year old like minded goofiness. We have some wonderful dedicated fans and that was the first presentation I recognized. These people share their laughter with us. Do you realize the gift that is?

So, during the show (actually I believe just before the show started) I received a text that some usuals were going to listen via the phone app (squee) and that they had a special guest listening with them. Well, it's always a blessing when new people are exposed to our shenanigans, but this guest was EXTRAORDINARILY special. Our friends M and V had "Pops" with them! Pops is a 99 year old man that was going to spend the weekend with them, and since they love our show, the felt he would love it too. How exciting!

During the show and afterwards, I received texts that Pops indeed did like the show, and they also let him listen to our archived shows and he liked them. Do you see how relative that information is to yet a new and different gift? He liked us, he liked the music we played during the break, the subjects we talked about during our segments, that is one of the highest compliments. M then told me how wonderful Pops is. I could of course feel him and his spirit. I told her he's an angel, and he is.

The funny thing, there are people all over this planet that are the real deal.

I watched this last night until 2am (The Secret & The Law of Attraction - The Shift by Wayne Dyer) and it opened a lot of things for me. Actually, there were some teary moments and I guess I didn't realize how much I respect Dr. Dyer. He doesn't portray himself as being perfect, or being born perfect, he learned and shifted like the rest of us can and do. He talks in a manner that makes you sit and think.

People are valuable. I know there are doozies out there that have less than loving intentions, that is always going to be a factor. To feel something deep within yourself, something that fulfills and places happiness in your soul, is priceless. Even the smallest of measures become large and important. The smile from a stranger. The kindness of a friend. The sharing of memories from a loved one.

Then, when you come in contact with those that are not so good, especially for you, you have the confidence and the ability to move on.

But those that you meet, or virtually meet, that influence your emotions and your feelings, you can savor them and appreciate them. They make a difference, in turn it makes you make a difference as well.

<3 Moo


  1. LOVE Wayne Dyer! The first book I read of his was Pulling Your Own Strings. It changed my life!!!!

    1. I love him now as well <3 We could all learn from him <3