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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Amazing Words.. that only some lead by..

Once some read this, they will see themselves. Others will read it and say "That's me" and then begin to tap dance and throw glitter and such to try and draw attention to themselves. 

Scorpio horoscope for Sep, 05, 2013
"The greatest leaders do not lead by screaming, yelling, and intimidating others. The best leaders lead by example. They lead with quiet dignity. They persuade their followers through their knowledge and wisdom. They are kind and empathic. They are honest. And they are grateful for the efforts of their subordinates. Keep this in mind in the days ahead, Scorpio, as you may be called up to lead. Frustration may tempt you to become angry or resentful, but you are a true leader and you need to keep reminding yourself of that fact."

True leaders don't need constant reminders, they don't need to persuade others, they don't need to lie, they also don't need to put others around them down. 

Think about it..

Latrene..this is for you..Are you gone yet? 

This Fall we ALL deserve to have you out of the country.  MMMMmmm.. 


  1. Replies
    1. Agreed. I think some have forgotten what honest is and what it stands for! *HUGS*

  2. Latrene, Laween, Ladung what ever you name really is. I am sure you are trying to figure out a way to keep the $$$ you have managed to raise all for your selfish self. Will you say you are gonna donate the $$$ to a worthy cause or perhaps you will say you are going to buy clothing and food and ship it out. I for one hope that you go and feed your so called "calling" I hope that you love it so much that you never return. Dignity is a value that you will never have. Knowledge and wisdom is something you will never know. honesty is not a virtue people will ever associate with you. So yes by all means go. Why put off until tomorrow what you could do today. Auf Wiedersehen.

    1. Agreed! She has lost herself so deeply down her "rabit hole" that she now believes her own lies, her own half truths. She doesn't have Honesty, or dignity, and her Knowledge and wisdom is only what she's pulled/stolen from others, from people like us.

      She created a family in all of her disgarded used ups.. her loss..our gain! <3

  3. I agree our gain! I guess she does serve a purpose she brought all of us together. The only thing we had in common was her. our numbers are growing into quite a large and strong sisterhood. She has no idea just how many of us there really are. haha I just made my self laugh out loud.
    Maybe one day we will all have to show up at a so called open reading. I think she will straight up make BROWN!!!