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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Let's Weigh in What is Presented, M'Kay?

It's very obvious on how someone is seriously narcissistic, to the point of severe mental illness.

How do we break this down:

  • We refuse to work to support our own household but we will fake being a psychic, dupe people out of money to get us to Africa to "help the children".
  • When we get to Africa, we don't help the children, we talk about how wonderful the people are, the food, our proof blisters, and how we have to leave suddenly, making our two month help the children trip into a two week "tour Ghana" vacation.
  • When we get back, we post about how much we miss our new home (Ghana).
  • We post our pictures (by the way, funny how you gussy up to help the children, you took a lot of photos of children, but we all noticed how you didn't post one personal story about a particular child or situation) but you are sure looking your age, not a young chick any longer are you? Sadly, Ghana and Africa have high rates of fraud (you fit right in), did the man you went to have a relationship with realize how old and overweight you were? Or did you run out of money and they realized you weren't the white "Rock Star" you wrote about? Or did you use your dying sister as an excuse to come back?
  • We post about dreams of how we were a Messiah of sorts.. the all mighty, dressed in white and sparkly.. we are hugging everyone and making healing them (well no, you are now probably spreading African diseases to them in your dreams) and you really do believe that you are a God. 
  • Still not one word about that special child, that meaningful lesson you learned, only how they worshipped you and you miss being there.
  • Now, why aren't you in California with your dying sister? Your blood? I do declare, you boasted about your Healing powers (lies) and stated that you healed your sister of her brain cancer (even though she didn't believe in what you were doing and didn't want you to do it). Whatever YOU want you do, regardless of who you lie about, hurt, step on, cheat on or betray.. how do you sleep at night? Well, being a narcissist (Here's the definition so you can see what it means since you aren't that bright, regardless of how many books you claim to write, I've seen your attempts, you should really try something else) 

A psychological condition characterized by self-preoccupation, lack of empathy, and unconscious deficits in self-esteem

Now, you say you have a cold. Just like a LOT of us are discussing, we would walk through flames and venomous creatures barefooted and chew on broken glass to be with our sister if they were dying. But you really don't care, because that takes away the pity and sympathies from your adorning, stupid and unaware minions, doesn't it? I'm flabbergasted as to how these people doesn't see right through your disgusting bullshit.

I've seen you steal money, steal EVP's (and call them your own), lie (about so many things I can't even mention them here), back-stab (people that trusted you and tried to help you), and yet you still want monuments built in your likeness and in your honor, you want fame and fortune, and for even more people to look upon you as something supernatural.

I feel sorry for your father and your sister, but then again, I feel sorry for your kids, your grandkids and your husband. YOU believe you are far more important than ALL of them. In the grand scheme of things, you are worthless.

Don't care what others think of you? That's good, because even BAD PR is bad PR.

I think there was a book written about you, here's a quote about it:

Unhealthy narcissism -- Shamelessness, Magical Thinking, Arrogance, Envy, Entitlement, Exploitation, Bad Boundaries
 Why is it Always About You?

There's a list of famous narcissists.. let's see how things worked out for them:

Saddam Hussein
Joan Crawford
Lee Harvey Oswald
Adolph Hitler
Joseph Stalin
Ted Bundy
... chew on that a bit.. you are nothing of what you think you are, nor what you try to portray. What you are is worthless.. 

Sleep on that and dream.

*shakes her head*


  1. Ya got her pegged Moo!!! She is the worst kind of lying, thieving cheat I have ever met....Karma will repay her in kind, though....I truly believe it will!!!

    1. I believe it will as well. It might feel like it's taking forever, and she MIGHT feel like she's living successfully, but she couldn't be, seriously. Most people hate her and what she is. Most of us know the truth. It's just those unsuspecting people.. she preys on them.. I swear!

    2. Yes, I feel sorry for the fools that still believe in her but what can we do? They will just think we are the bad guys if we try to tell them....

  2. " we would walk through flames and venomous creatures barefooted and chew on broken glass to be with our sister if they were dying ..."

    YOU my friend are a writer!!

    I'm jealous. So jealous in fact, I guess I will have to defriend you, mock you, defame you and ... well, whatever, I'm sure you recognize the treatment I will have to render in my jealous fit. Hahaha!

    1. Well, in all fairness, K started that seed ;) But yes, whenever someone is truly talented about anything, she turns 13 shades of green and tries to take away anything anyone else might enjoy or flourish at.

      She needs medical help..seriously..

    2. I agree she does need medical help. Her own jealousy will be her own undoing. It always is. The sad part is that as the people that have loved her, we only realize it after it is to late. We find out the real truth when it gets to a point of no return. I have licked my wounds and bounced right back onto my feet. I must say that I am still amazed at how many people have faith in her and to know that I too had faith in what I thought we shared. I am still beating my self up for always standing faithfully there to help her with her battles. Now come to find out I was just helping her clean up the messes that she created for her self. If I could give her one piece of advice it would only be to Be honest, never betray the people that love you because they are the people that will be there for you later in life. To you My soul sister Moo. Thank you for publishing this blog. You feed my spirit by helping me to work things out in my mind. Your verbalization is so inspiring not to mention eye opening. Your words are magick. I love you girly! Thanks a bunch for being there and creating this forum and allowing me to voice my bruised feelings. Although I always wind up in tears I know that it is just a part of the healing that I must face and deal with. Again <3 you.