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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sharing with you...

Even though I haven’t been sleeping well lately, I’ve been doing a lot of mental exploration both consciously and subconsciously. Last night was no different; I have been experiencing some epiphanies that are small yet valuable to my very existence. I don’t think they are just valuable to me, I think they are pertinent to each and every individual that has any cognitive curiosities of their own.

I honestly believe the hardest part of writing about these experiences is verbalizing exactly how the events/situations took place and who I related them to my quest for knowledge and a life of happiness.

Every level of our awareness can potentially provide key manifestations to our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Often times we are moving so quickly through our lives, wishing away day after day, that we don’t invest crucial time in investigating our own problem solving skills. We allow immediate resolutions to command our daily outcome, rush through the hours without absorbing even the smallest particle of what could possibly be our own butterfly theory.

Case in point, I am not a summer person. To me, summer is an inconvenience, I don’t function well in the heat, I don’t like to go outside and explore, so my personal coexistence with nature is very limited. If I lived near a clean water ocean, sea or lake, that would be a different story (even though I am petrified of fish-yes, I know but I’ve seen River Monsters and at least it’s not something weird like pickles!).

I do utilize the time I spend indoors to the maximum extent, and never ever exclaim that I am bored. To be bored would mean that you are limiting yourself in things you could be doing, and there are infinite projects that could simply entertain your personality.  I’m sure that hit a sore spot, on saying we should never be bored, but, we really shouldn’t. We should be surrounding ourselves with information and knowledge concerning what interests us. We shouldn’t be limiting it to just one entertainment either. There are days I have so many projects in my head that I become ADD and feel like a cat chasing the laser light across the house, but I’m never bored. I might be tired, I might be ill, I might even be emotional, but I am never bored, none of us should be.

So, I know that when the cooler weather comes around, I will be spending a lot more quality time with nature, reintroducing myself to her, gathering, photographing, walking the dogs and camping, the possibilities are endless. The cooler to colder months are my most looked forward to times. My house is often cluttered, laundry is neglected more so than usual, but I am in my happy place and that is something to look forward to, as long as I don’t wish away the hot days, the weekdays or even the work hours.  Time to again slow down and appreciate the moments we have now.

One of the events that took place was astral traveling to another, I can only assume, planet or plain of existence. I myself have never seen the northern lights in person, only in beautiful majestic photos that induce my imagination to run wild. Last night, I was in a place that had stars so low to the ground you could touch them, they were very warm but didn’t burn, they were bright and lit a night sky. The atmosphere was breathable however; the gravity force was far different than what we experience here. With your mind, you could manipulate the space around you to conform to your body as if you were lying back in a hammock. At any moment if you needed to rest, you would “think” up a thickened space around you, simply crawl up into it and only be about five feet from the ground. If you needed the surrounding stars to be not so bright, you would also create a shade with that same thickened airspace and it would dim or block all of the light.

There were other creatures (although they didn’t look like creatures, more like spiritual beings) that were walking around (the ground almost resembled that of wet beach sand only not cold or slippery) and there were others that had created this pocket of comfort (that’s the only reason I figured it out). The emotional feelings there were comfort, serenity, contentment, all living in the moment existence. When I wasn’t “sleeping” or as they expressed it to me “revitalizing” I was taking courses on their methods of living, I was exploring, gathering, and overall sharing an existence that seemed like a short life time, when really I was probably there only a matter of an hour our time. I didn’t have any wants, except to learn more, there was no need for an exchange of currency, it was a very basic paradise of sorts functioning on coexisting, with intent of sharing, not feeding the need for competition. The process of extending your mind in all of its abilities was also the theme for this possible planetary adventure.

I remember when I first became aware of being there, and the stars were so small yet so powerful, I was overwhelmed a bit with the fact that I (and every single one of us in existence in this entire Universe) am so very small. We see it, we try to fathom it, but until you truly “get it”, it doesn’t stimulate all of the other quests to discover what we truly are.

Another situation that has encouraged me to write about it is the fact that while I’m astral traveling, if I haven’t actually arrived to a destination, there are so many other beings that can see me. They can see that very part of me that is not my physical self, and while people here on earth (in their physical state) often judge, bond with their clique, and are closed minded to anyone else having any talents, skills or gifts, these beings recognize all that is special within us. Sometimes, their intensions are less than pleasant or positive as well, but I usually encounter the beings and spirits that cherish our very being and somehow advocate for us to rely on the positive and energetic part of our souls, instead of feeding our ego, or allowing the bad and hurtful to be given away or displayed.

In other words, they are encouraging us to change our method of presentation to raise our own awareness and vibrations. Communication is far more than voicing words, its actual energies we give off every day, some can be seen, and some can only be felt. We have the potential of moving into a different state of consciousness where is a language we don’t physical hear, it becomes a spiritual intercourse of structured and organized expressions and vibrations. Since I was a child, I recognized that I could do this, but have you ever had an entire conversation with someone solely in an eye lock? Even if it’s someone you don’t know, locking eyes with them and feeling everything they feel, suddenly knowing things about them they’ve never told you, all within a matter of mere moments? Try it sometime, hopefully you can find a willing participant, on the train, bus, waiting in line, whatever occasion arises. Rely on your own intuition and spirit. I think you will be surprised.

Look, I’m not trying to say I have all of the answers, obviously since I’m just now (at the tender age of 42) starting to figure these things out. But I wanted to share this with you, the readers. I’m not asking you to change your faith, traditions or upbringing. I’m trying to encourage you to discover things about you that are not obvious to the rest of humanity. Explore your Universe; learn what can create an existence that is satisfying. If this is possibly only one of your lifetime existences, why not make this the one where you crack codes, move to another level of your being. I am extending my nurturing tendencies to others that have come to a realization, and even come to me with questions of what their reason for being here is. Doesn’t everyone deserve that opportunity? Even someone who might be so horrid and self-absorbed? 

The rights we have on this planet are existent only on this planet. We have true entitlements that are not written in stone, they need only to be discovered and treated with decency and respect, then shared so that others can utilize and appreciate them as well.

Happy Tuesday! <3

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