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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Looks like 3am on Saturday

So, here is a feel good post.

Last weekend was one ... hurdle after another. While, most of the time I was just like..what else (I didn't learn obviously, sorry about that Universe), I was still in good spirits. Even through a migraine, even through the heat and everything.

But, when I finally nearly broke down into a puddle of sobbing/snotty Moo'ness, it happened, there in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma.

This man, out of the kindness of his heart, without knowing who Moo is, said that he would help us. No strings required. WHO DOES THAT ANYMORE? Well.. apparently, he does, so does my friend Monica.

Monica totally adopted Mason and took absolute care of him until he was on his way to Nebraska. She will be HEAVILY rewarded. I can't even begin to thank her, even though I have, it still doesn't feel enough. I will blog about how she will be rewarded and thanked for being a kick-ass hottie!

SO anyway, this kind man has had the trailer and motorcycle at his house this week. We'll be leaving the house Saturday morning 3am to drive back up and get it.

So, to reward this gentleman (named Bill) and his wife Edith, we are taking them some Fillet Mignons for their troubles and their kindness. She sounded excited to throw them on the grill.

Repay with kindness and gratitude.

Thank you State of Oklahoma. You have been WONDERFUL!

<3 Moo

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How Little Some Things Mean to Others..

Tuesday. It was a busy day.

Around lunch time, everything turned topsy-turvy. Let me explain.

Back in April, I received an email from a customer, explaining that one of their very respected and loved members of management had unexpectedly passed away. I had met this person only once, but he was a very nice man.

I contacted my sales rep, and we discussed sending his wife a plant (I have a hard time sending flowers, they don't last long, a plant can be something beautiful for years) with our sympathies. He made the arrangements and that was the last we'd heard.

So, here I am around lunchtime at work, and a phone call comes through to my extension. I pick it up, and a very sweet woman on the other end says she's looking for a mailing address to send thank you cards to him and myself. She didn't realize that I was the Melissa she was looking for.

I explained that I was one of who she was looking for, and I told her that I was sincerely sorry for her loss. She started crying which in turn made me start to cry.

I asked for her number, told her I would regain my composure, and find his mailing address to his house (where he works out of) and return her call.

After hanging up, I called the sales rep and let him in on what was going on. I asked if he wanted to call her back, and he didn't feel he could handle her tears, especially since he had never met the man that had passed.

I regained my composure, and called her back. The return call was even harder than the first. She apologized for not doing this sooner, and I assured her that there was no time line on mourning and tears for the loss of a loved one.

She dropped another heart-wrencher, they had lost their son about six months before her husband passed. That is a LOT for anyone to go through. My heart really went out to her.

After hanging up, I advised a manger. What they said (and I won't go into it here) was not only RUDE and HEARTLESS, it was rather offensive. Apparently "Sensitivity Training" is not for management. I am not only disgusted with this person, I have lost what little respect I have for them in the first place.

What I am trying to say here, people all over this country, this world, are selfish and conceited, that's a sad fact. They will do anything to A) get them to the top B) make them look good and C) make people believe they are something they really aren't.

Someone said the other day that it sounded like I was being drained by a psychic vampire, and I think she's right. I had that initial thought about about a week ago, but I dismissed it, well, considering current events with friends, I believe there are three women, Ladean, Teresa and Lisa that in portraying to the world how "Love and Light" they are, secretly are performing evil little ditties to people they don't like.

Fair enough. What they don't realize, there are MANY more than those three simpletons who know so much more than they do, that would help myself, and the others they are attacking. Plain and simple.

Now, I did mention names, but I didn't mention last names, and while one name is "unique" she is not the only one with this name. Therefore, what I type here, can not be held against me. In other words, prove it.

I'm not into retaliation (like they are) but I am all for protection and others learning a lesson. Besides, one of these days, these people are going to get the fact that they are not important. Not to me. Not to the people they have discarded. I waited it out, people are finding out the truth. Actually, they are often mocked. I know it should, but that does kind of amuse me.

So, since I had my day to me today, and did crafts, watched mushy movies, and overall just had a Moo day, regardless of the Retrograde, I'm feeling the changes, and they are good.

By the way, I received this hand (I believe crocheted) bag.. right now, it has my Healing stones in it. Thank you Katie, it is perfect and very beautiful!

I feel a glass of vino in my future, like, just before bed.

Much love! <3

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Retract.. yes, I know..

Here's a shout out to some VERY important and amazing people in my life that I love and adore!

Lisa and Pat!

Then, believe it or not, I'm going to shout out to some dudes that have kept my sanity, made me laugh, and are just there for me!


My lists are long but I had to make sure at least a few were acknowledged.

Tomorrow is Friday! Woot! Much <3 Moo

Monday, June 10, 2013

My White Trailer Trash Dream

I know, that title is kind of off-putting BUT it was exactly as it sounds.

The more I think about it, the more it feels like a previous life recall. Lovely. Is that really what it was? I'm not sure. I'll share it with you, but I'm not convinced it was so.

The dream started that I was married to this older man (say, 60ish) that was very controlling and well, also represented the title. I had no recollection of the what and how that led up to this nuptial agreement but, ew. I don't know what I was doing for a living but it was in the low pay grade and felt degrading. I saw myself as alarmingly thin, my hair was long and stringy and overall I looked poor and unhealthy.

The apartment complex we lived in was rundown, there wasn't much material wealth to be had. The section we were in had linked apartments of seven in a row. At the time I entered the dream, we were getting ready to go to a function, I think for his work, I remember feeling that I didn't want to go, and was kind of upset that I had to. Maybe I had to work early and felt tired, I don't remember exactly.

While at this low tech function, I felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave. My husband got very angry with me and yelled at me in front of everyone, in fact, I believe he left me there, where I didn't know where I was, or how to get home. I felt very vulnerable and it felt like someone had spiked my drink because I felt dizzy and misplaced. The next thing I knew, I was in bed at home with him, it was about 4am and I woke up feeling miserable. I told him I wanted a divorce.

He was angry and did not want to hear what I was saying. I picked up my things (which wasn't much) and walked to the apartment office and asked for another apartment on the opposite end. I didn't know how I was going to afford it but I got another apartment. It was filthy but it was somewhere to sleep.

Little did I know that my soon to be ex-husband and the landlord were buddies, because, the very next night, the landlord was putting some sort of sleeping gas in the vent system in my room, and they were carrying me to my ex's bed and letting another family back into the room I was staying in. Well, I would wake up, angry in my ex's bed, run back down to my other room, only to find the other family in my room, they were yelling and degrading one of their children so badly, that I called the police on them and the landlord and my husband. What a conspiracy.

Then, I woke up. But it all was so real.

I erased what I typed afterwards because it was a rant and I'm sure deemed unnecessary by others. So there you have it.

Have a good Monday.

<3 Moo

Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh Beautiful Friday

There will be sweet relief today, special meds to help. This also means, most likely, I will be out of commission most of the weekend, maybe not. All I care about is getting through this mass of stress and pain and get to the happy go lucky Moo again. I’m not as bad as I have been, but I need to just get through it to feel the good on the other side.

Just hearing the word “Friday” has lifted my spirits. After last week being a short week, this one seemed like a month long. Work has been hectic and I know that is a lot of what triggered this crap. Secretly (and maybe not so much now after posting it here) I have been telling the Universe that I need change with my career. After 13 years, I really don’t feel appreciated, I’m not the squeaky wheel that management seems to be so afraid of, so I get taken advantage of, looked over, underestimated and I’m really tired of it.
Companies want dedicated workers, and gripe about overturn and lack of work ethics, yet, when someone is a constant for them, reliable and trustworthy; they simply won’t acknowledge that in a worker. I’ll stop there before I get all worked up again.

Tomorrow we get the new back fence. I’m keeping some of the wood for crafts (as the wood is from 1982 and it is the perfect “barn wood” look) for myself and my mother. I wish I could keep more but that is just not logical. While Stuart is at home, maybe I will venture out and hit a few garage sales. I could invite my mother over (she loves garage sales more than *I* do) and we could make a day of it. She hasn’t come over and just enjoyed Moo time for quite a while. She’s been too busy trying to take care of my step-dad, Randy. He could come too, spend the day with Stuart watching manflicks, and mom and I could go out shopping! I could look for more goodies at a good price for the kitchen.

 Speaking of the kitchen, I advised Stuart of my decision, and while he appreciated the “Under $100” part, he put his hand up and with sass said “Talk to the Hand”. Basically I’ll be on my own, but that is OK because I’m excited about it!

Well, my project for the craft exchange.. believe it or not is almost finished.. I’m excited and will be probably (possibly) mailing it out on Monday. Far cry from me thinking it was going to take all month! (Ya’ see that Donna? LOL)

Enjoy today, be safe this weekend. Enjoy those that hold you up and stick with you.

<3 Moo

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I still haven’t quite recovered from my cluster last night. While, I’m not in full cluster, it’s still there. Hopefully it will release soon.

While, I took a lot of medication last night, I was on a mission. I am in a craft exchange project, and, as I usually do, I had this magnificent idea, and then I dreamed my way through the project. It is something that I have never attempted before (okay that is a lie, but when I tried it I hadn’t watched any tutorials on it and failed miserably) so I was excited to get started.

After watching a few Youtube videos on the subject, I felt confident that I had enough information as a starting point, with tips, hints and tricks to get me well on my way to processing this grand idea that keeps floating through my grey matter, rather relentlessly. I recognize the fact that whenever I am a part of these craft exchanges, I put so much time and energy into it; because I want whatever I make to thrill them without fail (it really is THAT important to me).

I bet I worked on this one part of the craft off and on for five hours. Now, you might say to yourself “Why in the Hell would you spend that much time?” there are a few reasons as to why.  (Mind you, I was on some pretty strong meds, focusing was an issue,  etc.)  I enjoy doing things like this. I enjoy taking on the challenge. If I fail, it’s OK but if I succeed, I’m in ecstasy.  When I needed a break from the tedious eye work, I set it down and did chores (dishes, laundry, etc.). I was getting the endorphin high so it wasn’t sometime unpleasant, it was literally FUN!

I think with more practice (something I am willing to take on and truly want to do) I could improve greatly, and could potentially make this into another income.

I bet you are noticing right now, and possibly grumbling a little about the fact that I haven’t shown photos or explained what this is. Yes. There is a reason! The recipient of this original ONE of a KIND (or OOAK termed by very talented artists) project reads this blog! (*waves, Hi Donna!) so I can’t give it away. Unfortunately, she has already received far too many teasers (including this post) and I don’t want to be cruel, but I had to write about it and share with all of you.

I do solemnly swear to post photos (after she receives it and sees it first) and share it with all of you. Our due date is by next month, and I kept saying (because that’s how I truly felt in the beginning) that I would need that entire month, but I don’t think I will. Some other avenues have presented themselves (I’m very sure with the help of my spirit guides) so my options have broadened. (yay me!)

I will add here, the people whom I watched perform this art were amazing. They’ve found their groove, they’ve defined their assets in this design and I have a lot of respect for them. I can only hope that someday in the near future, I will possess and display as much talent as they have.

Have a beautiful Thursday; Friday is just around the corner. Much love!

<3 Moo

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Goodwill finds..

Remember when I posted that I was going to redo the kitchen for under $100? Well, mission started.

Spent, $2.75.

Now, she needs cleaning (obviously, the dust bunnies are thick) and she needs some TLC... which I think I can fix, then, it needs painted. Yes, I said I wanted baskets and shelves on the wall.

I realize that this "theme" of wicker and hunter green metal has been overdone, but that's why I will be fixing it and painting it a different color. Not sure yet, most likely black. 

So, on a different note, this part is kind of for Katie. The 80's jumped in front of me and well, I could not resist it's temptation. I believe I had a purse like this in, you guessed it, the 80's. Yes, I am not using it. Sorry the photo is out of focus, that is what happens after taking two Benadryl. Allergies are a biatch right now.

This was my atta' girl present to myself. 

I end this post with my loving dog Wylie.. He was sitting next to me, stood up, put his rump in the air and let one. Nice, love you too dog. HAH.

<3 Moo