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Friday, February 25, 2011

So I was noticing..

While I was reading back in my paper journal (I have three by the way-this one paranormal) I noticed all of the paranormal activity that has been happening around me lately.  I remember saying at one time in my life "I'm OK with it as long as it doesn't happen to me".  Whoops.  And really, it's not that I'm not OK with it, because it's challenging to try and figure things out, notice events and situations surrounding it, and also trusting and listening to my spirit guides, developing my Empathy and Intuition, and over all learning who I am as an adult.

I also noticed in my other journal (this one my spiritual growth and events) when I first started researching and understanding what was happening to me and what I truly was, did I see what was happening in certain friendships I was involved in. I started seeing things that made me not trust her. Why you might ask? Well, the moment that I figured something out with myself, is the trigger in what she suddenly became.  When talking to others with their own special gifts, bing, suddenly THAT was her special gift as well. Yuck. It would appear she was stealing every one else's thunder, then would wonder why people didn't want to share their experiences with her, well, because she had broken the bond of trust. She wanted a huge parade and recognition given to her for her "amazing" abilities, yet, when someone did share something with her, she down played it so much that it was very obvious what her intentions were.

 I read through even more and I'm actually surprised that I didn't see things much sooner.  I have seen HUGE improvements and changes in my spiritual being as it would appear I am no longer in "competition" in having my own experiences.  Healing is still the gift I am hugely grateful for. People from all over the world (literally) have benefited and told me so. I will forever learn, and appreciate true healers helping to continue to guide me, instead of feeling that there is a better, only, or great, etc.  NONE of my friends, now, take things away from me, nor do they mock me, lie to me, but rather they are interested in what I do, they accept the things I excel at (naturally and in learning) and they don't try to change me. Nice. I am blessed!

A New Moo

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Low importance indeed!

"Life becomes easier as you develop the habit of not allowing things of low importance bother you." ~Nicholas Mansilla

Hear Hear!

"I always believed that if you trusted people, if you treated them as you wished to be treated, if you respected them...they would most likely reciprocate or at least do the right thing. Boy do I overestimate people..." ~ Marie D. Jones

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It would be nice if...

Meet success like a lady and disaster like a woman....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy weeks ahead!

So, I really didn't a chance to mention last weekends investigation/blessing/cleansing. 

It turned out so much more different than I had even expected. It changed from "We would rather you not do a full investigation" to "Yes, we want you to do it all".  Well, good thing that we brought our equipment JUST in case.

The house IS active, but there are no demons there, an angry and possibly cantankerous spirit or two? Yes. I am still going through evidence, almost finished.  You know, I value other people's opinions on EVP's. I know with the last time I worked with, the founder was such an EVP Nazi. I don't play that way.  I also find that different people hear different things.  That doesn't offend me or make me defensive, but I know some people are like that.

As soon as the home owners hear their EVP's I'll post a link to them so you all can hear them too.

On another note, have another "house blessing/cleansing" this weekend again, and an investigation in a separate place.  Our wonderful minister friend Thomas will be going again, and we are training a junior member how to do it all right (he's 16).

Then, off for two weekends for sure, and the event on March 19th.

Hubster and I had a wonderful date day ALL day long on Saturday.  Much needed.  LOTS of laughter, and Sunday was a day of movie watching, laundry doing, and chore finishing. What a wonderful weekend the last two weekends have been, can't wait for this coming weekend.

Life feels good!

A New Moo

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Burning your bridges,
you watch as they fall.
Laughing to yourself
that you've thought of it all.

What's going to happen
at the end of your game,
with your morals abscond
and your life, full of shame?

No one will trust you
as you've acted in greed,
we'll pull out your knife
and you'll watch as we bleed.

Our bonds will get stronger
for vacillation is not ours,
you'll stand in decaying pits
as we watch from our towers.

You'll look up in despair
in your forsaken, brutal ridges,
you are forever discarded
as you've burned all your bridges.

~ Melissa Burk

Friday, February 18, 2011


Loser..maybe you should have found out first.

Oh and to top it off..I did NOT say a bad word about your crappy-ass less than professional .... position.. and as MUCH as I want to, you.are.not.worth.the.wasted.breath.
"Slander cannot destroy an honest man. When the flood recedes, the rock is there." - Chinese Proverb

Thursday, February 17, 2011


"Accepting diversity is to ascertain, to be inexorable is no less than poignant." ~ Melissa Burk

What? I have them sometimes!  lol..

A New Moo

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boy Howdy!

"When you will not forgive someone, you fill your life with resentment, paranoia, isolation, righteous indignation, vindictiveness, and false assurance that your perceptions and actions are justified because of the wrong that has been done to you (real or not.) You withhold yourself from human community because you perceive, or at least hope, you are not as imperfect as the rest of us and you don't want to associate too closely with our unforgivable flaws.

When you are unforgiven, your life is filled with recrimination, self-abuse, isolation, fear of further accusation, shame that you have done something considered unforgivable. You withhold yourself from human community because you perceive, or are afraid, that you are more imperfect than the rest of us and that you can never make enough amends to be a fully acceptable member of the human family again."

- Christina Baldwin
(from "Life's Companion - Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest)

On another note, Once a bully ALWAYS a bully?

How do YOU want to be when you are this age?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

*Smiling Confidently*

See, what you don't understand is it's over. No really, it is. Completely.

You no longer control my emotions, as you do not matter. There are many people that block you, people that hide your posts,  people are growing tired of you quoting someone else all of the time. They know it's because you are not original in the least, nor do you know how to be (even faking it).

People keep their eye on you, laugh at you, roll their eyes at you, and mock you behind your back. They are tired of your exaggerations (and trust me, there have been some doozies), and I don't blame them one iota. I didn't have to do a thing, just be myself. People found out on their own (it was only a matter of time).

So enjoy your life, your decisions and your path, it truly is the one that you have chosen.

Me? I'm doing great thanks! I'm blessed, happy, smart, creative, (including being original).. it's a long list that I won't bore you with. Things fall into place more and more each day.  ALL without you *smiles* or your constant negative (fake positivity?) vibrations.

I have met people in the last seven months that have such true positive, loving, and non-controlling vibrations that it's like I've found family members, sisters, brothers etc.. *smiles and shakes her head* .. I'm fantastic. I smile a lot, I love a lot, I laugh a lot, I learn, teach, share, express, experience .. and I live in my own life, with reality, mystery and contentment.

A New Moo

Monday, February 14, 2011

By far

One of the best ideas. Nice!

Brene Brown's post about generosity!

Reading that made me feel good about my decisions in life!!

A New Moo

Masks and those that wear them..

“Anyone can put on a fake face, it’s what’s inside that really counts” ~ Francis D Griffin
I will type up a little about the investigation here shortly! Best weekend, feeling great, and in the best mood. *beams*

A New Moo

Friday, February 11, 2011

One of


Big day tomorrow!

So, tomorrow is a big day. Traveling for 3 hours to a new town I've never been to. Having a minister help to bless a house. Myself and my friend Robyn to cleanse the house of the negative energies. This has been in the plans now for two weeks, a LOT of thought and planning have gone into every aspect of it. It will be a learning experience, and something new under my belt.

We are taking the following with us:

  • The love, light, protection, kindness, support, and the power in numbers, with approximately 45 spiritual beings, all talented and gifted with knowledge, spirituality and the wise ways of their elders and peers.

  • An open minded minister that is dedicated to helping in contributing to their faith, and his own.

  • Advise, research and help from our own loving Deities, Spirit Guides and our own inner light.

All very powerful, all greatly appreciated with much love.

Details without breech of confidential information probably Sunday or Monday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a doozy!

After my hurt and anger subsided, I found it odd that I actually feel sympathy for you. That’s right, sympathy. I never thought I would, but I see what you are heading for and it isn’t pretty. I see the direction that you are heading, and let’s be honest, I’ve see your reactions in the past, so I know what you are capable of and regardless of how nice, positive, inspiring or successful you are trying to be, I know the deep down of you. That, petrifies you.

Laying the situation out before me, has clarified some things that eased my hurt feelings. That’s right, I get them, and I’ve had them. I am normal and human; I am learning how to process through these situations. They have been there all along, but being human, we tend to instantly jump to the defensive, instead of slowing down long enough to recognize answers and solutions.

There are reasons that you lied, I see and know that. There will always be reasons you continue lie, to your friends, your family, and yourself. That makes me shake my head and wonder just how cosmically catastrophic your Karma will end up serving you. You will have to keep fabricating to extremes in order to keep up the role you are currently playing, in your play of life.

You didn’t know anything, but you didn’t have any desire to research, learn and teach yourself. You didn’t. I took the time to teach you (after teaching myself), I wrote it down in detail for you, I went there in person and I showed you the way to do things by yourself, and left a notebook of cheat sheets so that you could always refer to what you needed to know.  I left on good terms with my integrity, my confidence and my desire to do other things. 

But you, you didn’t like that, it wasn’t part of your plan. How dare I throw my interests or needs into the situation and take some attention away from you? How dare I not bow down to serve you, and endlessly promote you and your “boss”, wait, no, because we didn’t get paid for what we did.. all that I did so he wasn’t our boss. Thank you’s were in the same category as “F%#*  you’s were, they didn’t exist. If it didn’t benefit you, or make the “boss” famous, popular or gain recognition, nothing at all outside of that mattered. But even that was so lovingly twisted and distorted to manifest into the perception that I left kicking and screaming with drama.  Even though I typed up a very nice and professional email to the “boss” explaining, I didn’t get so much as a word in return. But you, with your ego hurting, you (and your friends) decide that it’s time to fuel the fire and manipulate the situation.

I had spent hours doing projects to help, and in the process, not only were they often not good enough for you, but you didn’t take the time try and do them; you didn’t take the time to teach yourself like I did. I worked hard and researched for hours on what needed to be done. I introduced new ideas, new procedures because I cared. You wanted to do your little bit and get all the glory. You do realize that shows a part of your true personality, right?

I took time away from what I enjoyed doing to help. The thanks I received from you in return have been lies. I know if you read this, or one of your friends reads this, you will recognize the truth in it. But you will push it away, and bury it deep and believe that it didn’t happen that way. Spraying beautiful flowery room spray in a barn will just make it smell like a flowers and dung. Just remember that.

Since I have removed myself from you forever, and have never contacted you ever, never responded to your emails, texts and/or otherwise, it angers you even more that I truly have moved on from you. However; in your constant need to manipulate (and with your friends) you have managed to turn into the victim and claim that I am harassing you and your friends. I have never contacted one of you. Not once. But, since I deleted you from a social network and blocked you, your egos were bruised and you insist that you have been wronged. Sleeping with and upon your lies with the ability to maintain a somewhat normal life is disturbing to me, but I will not be the one in the end that will be recognized as just so, a liar.  

But, I will move on yet again. I am smiling. I have a huge support system without provocation. I have courage that your lies and opinions are worthless. I have my intelligence, my creativity, and the ability to not only share true love without displaying a mask for a fictitious personality trait, but, I do have the ability to truly entertain and bring a smile upon a friend’s face without trying to force it.

When, or rather, if, you ever happen to become rich, or famous, please do me one favor. Do not stop for the opportunity to think of me, because I have seen what you have done.  I do not endorse your actions in using people for your gain, lying to people in hopes of admiration, and to all of those you have stepped upon and still remaining standing on, to get where you have arrived.

Again, I feel sorry for you, not for myself.  My moving on has introduced me to amazing and caring people. My group grows stronger in faith, and love, every single day, while, yours sadly, is still small close minded and gazing through rose colored glasses. Blessing to you, and I truly mean that sincerely. May you recognize the issues that you suffocate in order to keep quiet and hide from others, before you pass on to the next level.  I feel good about who I am, as I am not hiding anything from anyone, so the attacks no longer matter to me. I have a smile upon my face and since I have finally learned the lesson I was destined to learn, thank you but now you are no longer important in my life, at all, so move on.

A New Moo

A Beautiful Day!

Setbacks have not detoured me. I'm sitting at my desk smiling like a fool. I feel great, I am confident in who I am. Life is Beautiful!

"That is what life is, the Truth and bullshit, and most people choose the bullshit..." ~ by Mystic Francis...♥

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You have been Sorely

Misinformed in the information that you have received.

However, I refuse to retaliate because I will not stoop to your level. I refuse.

People know the real me, and they like me. They know the truth.


  klik] noun, verb
a small, exclusive group of people

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Judgment is the bully that sits in the back of the class and out of fear and ignorance, tells everyone else what's wrong with them."

Thank you Sammy!!

Trees and their effect on me

Ever since I can remember, as a young child, I have loved trees. I guess you could say literally I am a true tree hugger. I love their energy, I love the stories they hold and tell, the way they look, the strength they display.

I can sit and stare at trees for hours. I can touch them and talk to them, but the most important thing I do, and this is where people are going to read this and roll their eyes, is, I listen to them. Yes, I can hear them, as the rings are not just the age of a tree, they explain hardships and droughts.

Every cell of a tree absorbs moments in time. They take in sadness and hurt, laughter and joy. They are also the perfect too to visualize and utilize in grounding yourself.

A simple grounding exercise involves the visualization of yourself as a tree. First, close your eyes. Next, visualize roots growing out from your feet. Extend your roots through the ground and going all the way down. Anchor them at the center of the earth. Release all that you need to let go of.

On a side note trees are more than happy to help teach you how to ground yourself.  They may be particularly majestic or unusual, something that you pick up form them directly. Feel the tree's bark, appreciate its form, it's height, and let the tree's energy flow through you. Especially take the time to get to know the trees on your property, the more personal you are with them, the more apt they are to help you. 

Always remember to give them some form of offering for thanks.

A New Moo

Monday, February 7, 2011

This is amazing..

"Every time you pretend to love, you impoverish yourself more and more. Love has great potential to enrich your life. But if you are just playing a role, pretending to love, it's only going to poison you. Because you are teaching yourself that it's just a game, and slowly but surely you will lose the capacity to open in love."
Thank you Cindy through Pam for Geri! LOL Nice!

A New Moo

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The power of Confirmation

I had put out into the Universe a question that I asked sincerely. I asked that I be shown without a shadow of a doubt an answer, that not only provided an answer, but that helped me to make a decision that I had been debating over the last two weeks.

I did this two days ago during a very relaxing meditation. To be honest, I had forgotten I had asked this question, only with being busy and productive, it was set aside, so truly it wasn't "forgotten".

I received the answer mere moments ago. The very first thing I did was cry. My crying was not in a negative way, it was the reaction to the information that I received.  The very obvious answer, the very obvious direction, the very obvious patience the Universe has for everyone. Even those, that don't utilize it, accept it or are betraying it.

So, I feel this amazing peace, an affirmation of sorts. I have done nothing wrong. I am not the cruel things people have said about me. That helps me to remind those, that have individualism, intelligence and kindness within them, now surrounding me with their love, support and friendship.

They are mature and confident in our friendship. They respect it, they have faith that one person does not have to control it. They come to me if they have concerns. They respect my opinions, my thoughts, my expressions and my ideas as I do theirs. If I'm having a bad day or a bad moment, they don't belittle me, they comfort me until it works out.

I am blessed in more ways that I can express in just one post. I am grateful for my life, how I got here, and for the person that I am!

A New Moo

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Words of Wisdom..

"Nobody gains true friendship or allegiance with threats or intimidation. I wish they would stop trying." ~ Beth Brown. 

Sometimes, we only hate things in others because we know they are either true or possible in ourselves.”~ Stephen Radford. 

Man! I have some fricken SMART influences in my life! Rock on!!

Shower Remodel

I can't wait.. Like showering in my own meditative part of heaven soon!

New paint, new trim, ooh new master bathroom, how I can wait to have the looking perfect! And now.. Almost completely paid for in cash! AWESOME!

Amazing Song..Amazing Words..

Earthbound Misfit I..


I have people beside me RIGHT NOW amazing people that are making life more enjoyable for all ONE STEP AT A TIME!!!

Thank you HSP
Thank you WW
Thank you IRSG
and Thank you OSI

Real people coming together. Amazing things coming to life. Good Karma and happiness currently and moving forward!

A New Moo

Again in falling asleep

Last night while I was relaxing to fall asleep, I again addressed my spirit guides. I thanked them sincerely and asked if there was a message I needed to hear.  This is what I was shown and told:

A vision that I was standing at the edge of a very high cliff looking down into a very deep ravine.  My heart was racing and I felt nervous and anxious. The view was beautiful, but I felt fear.

Your feet are on the ground, what is before you is intense and exciting. Recognize any fear and learn how to turn it into determination. Reignite your passion for the activities you excel at and learn to erase the forces that insist you will fail. Light will be shown upon the flaws and deception of those who have lost their way, leave that to the ethereal plane. You are responsible for your own progression, not to fear, but to embrace. 

A New moo

Friday, February 4, 2011

I just opened the back door..

The air was crisp.. the moon lit up the snow on the ground, and the smell of our fireplace flooded my senses and my memories.

This moment is .. perfect.

A New Moo

A message from my Guides

Last night, while I was falling asleep, I addressed my spirit guides.  I thanked them for all of their help and support, and they gave me a message (which I'm grateful to remember today):

Your path is dirt, but that is of mother earth. Her sun and moon light leads your way and will strive for beauty to be yours to behold. While, the path is open and wide, there will always be obstacles to make it at times inconvenient, but will never lead to a circuitous course. Walking near the sides will provide close views, pleasant smells, along with the possibilities of black thorned weeds to snag  upon you.  While those weeds might briefly detain you, they will not stop you. They do not change the look of your mind, the action of your heart or the light within your soul. Sooth the wound, and carry on; forward in motion, forward in life.

Love these kind of days

Went to bed early, wasn't feeling the best, but got a LOT of warm comfy sleep (could still feel and see the fire in the living room), and woke up feeling MUCH better this morning (thank you Uricalm). I might be at work, but I have the weekend ahead of me. I also have this kick ass cup of hot dark chocolate to keep me warm.  The snow is pretty outside (possibly finally stopped snowing).. and while it was snowing there were times the sun was also peeking through.

The shower (contractor is snowed/iced in) might be finished by tomorrow afternoon. I will have a fire in the fireplace, I plan on making fresh banana bread. I will do chores and craft and finish getting ready for next weekend's investigation.

I'm excited it's Friday, let the weekend begin!

A New Moo

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I got home.. there's two new HE lights installed in each bathroom (with the heating lamps/lights REMOVED!) .. a fire in the fire place.. laundry almost done and dishes done.

I am SOO making him a nice dinner and slathering him in smooches! Just sayin'!


Today's post brought to you by:

A really great quote on that :

"The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions ad centent with your knowledge." ~ Elbert Hubbard (brought to you by my friend Victoria)
 With one, I didn't see it at all until it was too late.
When, you "learn" from someone else that is as unstable as you are, you both display contradictions in MANY aspects of your life, your actions, your words and your responses/reactions. For instance, let's say the "teacher" has a "there are no victims" opinion, it's contradicting for the "student" to whine and moan and play the victim in their pleas.  

When the "student" has a "no negativity" mantra, yet the "teacher" will display anger and disgust towards anyone (and post it pubically) that A) doesn't agree with them B) doesn't believe as they do C) doesn't believe in the teacher's abilities and D) understands the true nature of the teacher, and might bring to light possible fraud? Do you see where I am going with this?

Apparently this "teacher"/"student" relationship is an understanding between the two of them. Since there is the possibility that one or both can not hold up the persona that other people have held them to (they hit the panic button and create lies, untruths, finger pointing and any other distraction they can, to keep the limelight away from them) .. Wag the Dog. Not very positive if you ask me, sounds more like trying to cover their tracks.

It has also been brought to my attention, the fact that there are several other people questioning one or both of the their motives, that I wasn't previously aware of (a new crowd that is not part of this particular drama). Shame. I think at one time, both had good intentions, but I think all that changed at some point in their lives during the last two to three years. Feels a little bit like Karma positioning itself into their lives.

"is in reality a very shallow individual"
"And because of their inability to make right against a woman (they) wronged many of us have lost any respect for this individual."
"And their reputation is quickly establishing themself as a person best avoided due to their questionable ethics and behaviors."

With the other I started to only after the fact that I was being mimicked by them because of a poor disposition on their insececurities. *shrugs* No longer my issue. Which does remind me, it is apparent that collaborations of "chosing sides" (REALLY?) or "you need to remove/block/boycott friends"  is an issue with these two, and their .. minions (not the cute little yellow kind either).

Logically, it appears they are not confident enough in themselves and their friendships to allow mutual friends to make their own conclusions without trying to "convince" or "persuade" them?  That can not possibly be constrewed to be positive can it? That can't possibly be interpreted as love and light and healing, right? Speaking of, I thought the teacher didn't like "fluffy psychics"...

Playing the victim.. words to haunt them by.  Try being original for once. I wonder if they realize how many people not only hide their posts, but hide posts from them as well? Exactly what *I* was bashed for. *chuckles*

I realize that this is not ignoring the situation or the creators of this situation.  I also realize, that I am allowed this venue here, as it is my blog, my area, my expression. I would rather vent in my blog, than lie to those they are trying to control.

"I'm not whining, I'm defining!"  ~ Melissa Burk

A New Moo

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The activity

that is going on in the house we are visiting next weekend, is increasing.  The spirits KNOW we are coming.  Even the home owners acknowledged this information.

With this investigation coming up, I have taken the opportunity to open up even more spiritually. Stepping away from the social networks have given me the chance to meditate more, research options and grow even more emotionally and mentally. I think, being accused of being dark (which, by the way, is completely untrue-as my kindness is never forced or faked) helped ME to slow down even more and listen to my spirit guides. They were very kind and loving and reinforced that I am on the correct path.

I also had a wonderful confirmation on Tuesday night during meditation. Talking to the family mentioned above, discussing situations with Robyn and a very long and fruitful conversation with Dawn, some answers were placed very clearly before me.  The wonderful showering of emails and texts from the wonderful people surrounding me, well, I am in a wonderful place right now.

I am, because I am love and I am loved.

A New Moo

Sorry but this amused me

Me again

This is for those that can't stand NOT to peek here but can't see on my Facebook:

IF, for any reason, you want to assume ANYTHING about me, and you refuse to be an ADULT to ask if something is bothering you, then, go ahead and either hold on to that "wonder" & "worry" or, ask me already. IF, you are a spy for any of my "enemies" (a title YOU have given to yourself) then please remove yourself now from my fb list. Either get to know the REAL me, or piss off! I'm not playing any more games!

For the rest of you, I don't put on an act, and I don't pretend to be something I am not. You be the judge.

A New Moo

By the way...

If you read something in this blog, remember, it is MY thoughts, MY opinions, MY expressions and MY voice.

I can say, do, feel, express ANYTHING I so desire in this blog.

If you think anything at all is about YOU? Why don't you try being an adult and asking me about it. Chances are, it isn't about you, but, if you insist that the world revolves around you, and that you are the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa, you might possibly want to reconsider your vanity and own delusion.

While you are burning your bridges, you might want to consider ALL that has been done for you in the past, you might find yourself floating stranded somewhere after the truth is found out, and your burned bridges will no longer have THAT option available.

Just sayin'.