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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As Deserved my day ended on a wonderful note.

So.. Thank you to the following!

Cindy! (PS-YOU gave ME confirmation girl.. so THANK YOU!)
Salena! (How's yer hineybone? hehe)
Casey! Copa, Copa banana!!
Bruce! It has corn in like corn ;)
Dawn! (oh yeah girl, you rock!) You email tonight.. I know you knew but thank you anyway!!!
Maggie! HAHAH .. want me to take photos of your four little "French" girls?
HOLY CRAPOLI I can't forget Sharon! How does your smile and shine alway stay so bright?

ALL of HSP (you know who you are!) (PS-HSP family.. We are 33 strong! WE are like family!) 
My hubby (ooh yeah.. especially you sweetie! MUAH!!)
My mom (I'm making her her favorite dish to reward her for all of her long hours and hard work with Randy still at the hospital)
My dogs (yes, even Macy)  (I'll give them "Momma loves you so much" kisses!)

Okay, I realize My mom and the Dogs uh... can't read this? But everyone else can!
Do any of you realize how much I love and adore you? Just sayin'! 

Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow brings such sweet gifts of love.

Your new Moo!

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