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Friday, January 7, 2011

Narcissism at it's Worst and it's Best.

Imagine if you will, a person standing in front of you.  You don't really know them, but they seem very nice. They haven't opened their mouth to even say a word, they are just standing there smiling. There is some mystery to them, no? They are not screaming at the top of their lungs to try and convince you (and most likely even themselves) of what and who they are. They are enabling to happen, whatever happens.

Then, you look to your left.  The second you make eye contact with them, they are doing cartwheels and their mouth is already open. They are already telling you over and over and over and over and over and over and over everything that they are or what they want you to think they are, they are not even letting you get a word in edgewise.  They assign all this information to themselves in order to feel or look important.  You aren't able to talk in return because they have to be the first, tallest, strongest, worst off, richest.. you get the idea. If they could, they would stand on a chair in the middle of a crowd for everyone to "look at them".

Which, of these two people are you more apt to trust? Want to spend time with? Get to know?

There was a time, when no one was anything except themselves.  The second that a seed (most likely planted by someone else) takes root, we all become something. There are people however, that can't stand anyone else to do something better than what they can do.  They adopt personalities, traits and even mimic imaginary situations, or titles from the people they want to be like. Instantly, they become sheeple.

I believe aspirations are amazing, and you find people that you look up to, that is also amazing, but don't try and steal their talent, limelight, individualization for your own satisfaction.

I didn't realize I was an Empath until I was what.. 37-38 years old? I knew I was different, and that I felt things I didn't understand, but it wasn't until I had researched and read and studied this information did I happen to fall upon the term and it fit, every ounce of it fit. Amazing! I'm not a basket case or bipolar (which I would be later accused of, even a Psychopath- which by the way, I am none of) but I *FEEL deep within my soul the feelings of what other people feel, those whom I love, those I don't know, they can be near, or far away. It doesn't matter. THAT IS WHAT IT IS! 

While I was extremely excited to figure this information out for myself (believe it or not it truly was a lot of work), it was nearly instantly yanked away from me. I will not go into the specifics because that is water under the bridge, but suffice it to say, any time I figured something out or came to understand a key part of information .. it was taken away from me as well. 

A person that was so small in their own mind, lacking in self confidence, felt it necessary to adopt what myself and so many other people experience and make it their own.  o.O

Do you have any idea exactly how defeating it feels to have someone step in front of you when it is your moment, and steal it away? It's not pretty, it's not fun, and it's not what a true Empath would do in that situation. 

Did you know that they can tell a true Empath by the words they write, even in a email?

Say for instance, you write an email to a friend that you are having issues with.  The way you word it, the tone you use and the phrases you put forth express if you are a true Emapth or if it is simply sympathy you feel.  I didn't know that until about late July, 2010 when I had a long discussion with a very gentle and experienced Empath. I showed him several emails that were written to me, concerning the author's feelings and perception of my actions.

He showed me different studies with some of the top renowned sensitives and low and behold, key words stuck out everywhere, after hi-lighting those key words, you would think that nearly the entire printed out email was hi-lighted.  So, between actions performed and words stated, someone tried to make them self into something they aren't. Now, in order to keep up that act, several other .. "conditions" have been thrown into a pile.

Sad really.

I love being an Empath, a true Empath, now that I understand it and am starting to work in different areas.  That will always be my first and truest "title" (besides wife, mother and grandmother) that I will give myself. People feel it though, they recognize it, in turn, I don't have to write it everywhere until it is instilled into people's head that they associate me with being an Emapth.  

I realized also about May of last year, that being a true Empath has other natural talents, one being able to heal. I have recently met people from all over the world, and helped them heal from things such as Retinal Irradiance, Candida  down to helping someone that is an extreme introvert feel comfortable with who they are.

I truly enjoy meeting new people, and helping. Truly helping where I am needed. So for 2011 it's time to nurture those amazing gifts (that I have been given, it's not truly my own) and nurse them to a beautiful gift to share with others. I do not take the credit, I am merely a vessel in which these gifts are processed through. Thank you Universe!

Thus.. A New Moo ~ Smiling and hitting the ground running.

"Really big people are, above everything else, courteous, considerate and generous - not just to some people in some circumstances - but to everyone all the time." ~Thomas J. Watson.

*Key note added here, generally negative feelings trump positive feelings only because of the intensity involved and the intentions behind them.


  1. Being yourself is the BEST THING EVER! Don't let anybody take that away from you.

    I feel bad for those who try and emulate others. They are only cheating themselves of happiness and peace of mind, often losing friends in the process.

  2. I have enough to do in my life, I can't squeeze in being someone else... well, maybe if that person was Martha Stewart... maybe *lol*

  3. LOL I know right? I'm comfortable as I am.. I don't want the responsibility of taking on others :D